The slide is being blamed on the world-wide economic slowdown. Yet, over the past month, the index snapped back 10% because of diminishing supply of agricultural products due to drought. Extremely hot weather coupled with little rain is battering agricultural crops.
Some agricultural-based commodities funds have surged 25% as a result. Investors have to understand what drives supply and demand factors in commodities to understand the risk factors in investing. The unpredictable nature of the weather is a huge factor and can cause significant price swings.
On the other hand, like the equities and other markets, certain commodities may factor these swings in fairly quickly. Actively managed commodities funds may be a safer way to invest if the manager has skill and foresight.
PIMCO has a fund that is designed to invest in commodities-linked investments but it is currently invested in Treasuries because of the uncertainties in the commodities markets from the bearish global economic outlook.

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