Social intelligence is the ability to communicate and connect—effectively. It’s something that has to be developed and it also has to be maintained. Like everything else in life, social intelligence is not something you just acquire and then you’re set for life.
Social intelligence includes much more than vetting investments and designing investment strategies for your clients. It involves nurturing relationships and the ability to deliver service based on your clients’ views of success. This requires stepping outside of our tunnel of expertise.
The tunnel of expertise can kill your business. After all, you wouldn’t have a business if it were not for the relationships you have at a variety of levels. Staying focused on our expertise for the sake of our expertise will result in divorce in our client relationships because we have grown apart.
Social intelligence is the lead factor—and, again, it’s not the only factor. Your expertise certainly weighs in heavily. But even the most brilliant and talented people in the world will fail if they are short on social intelligence. Social intelligence also keeps us aware that we have to be flexible and adapt to changes in our clients' needs and changes in the marketplace.
Sticking with what works so long that our businesses become stale and irrelevant places us in social delusion. Social intelligence keeps us aware that times change and we have to keep up to stay competitive.

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