Better integration means greater efficiency, cost control, and improved client experience. Despite that fact, firms acknowledge that technology is not a lead selling point in client decisions to hire them.
Financial planning and client relationship management systems are top of mind focal points for advisors. From the advisor view, better reporting capabilities and better website experiences are the two main points of interest for clients.
The need for better training and education on how to utilize technology systems is apparent. Just buying the technology doesn’t do much to help advisors and firms achieve their objectives. What’s needed is to make technological tools relevant to advisor practices and show advisors how these tools can help them streamline their businesses and provide better service to their clients.
Technology is one of those things where, when everything is working right, few people notice it but the minute something breaks down, it’s a huge problem. So, although clients may not be that interested in technology during the decision making process, a well-integrated technology system can improve quality of service to a point where it can be a selling point for advisors.

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