Advisors Seeking Shelter Drive Record Attendance To Fritz Meyer Webinar

Fear drove more advisors to attend Fritz Meyer’s December webinar than any session on A4A in the last decade.


The average rating of 4.9-stars from attendees, their comments and the strong attendance demonstrate how A4A offers independent advisors shelter during stormy times.  







  • Very good
  • Very good as usual!
  • VG
  • Excellent
  • Great job. Fritz kept it straightforward and focused on the big picture.
  • Excellent Mr Meyer does an outstanding presentation
  • Great
  • Excellent data.  Objective and factual.
  • Excellent per usual
  • The initial outline of the top 3 considerations currently in the financial news was a great way to begin the webinar today. Federal Reserve, Tariffs, Economy. This is especially true since all 3 topics have been over-hyped by the media endlessly over the past few months. Fritz, as usual, successfully and without too much fanfare, refutes all of the media nonsense. And for this, we are very appreciative to him. And thanks to Andy for the usual great organization and moderating.
  • I love these webcasts!
  • Even better than normal today which is hard to do....
  • Fritz is still terrific
  • Seems to cover so much information in one hour.  Maybe cut back on the info and leave more room for questions.  I really glean a lot from the questions.
  • Nice to hear some sane analysis in this insane environment
  • Webinar should be 90 minutes so ALL material can be covered & time or Q & A.  Question 3 is irrelevant
  • Excellent content
  • Fritz is amazing but the technology failed! The audio was in and out for significant periods multiple times. I've not had this problem before but have also noticed your website has been wonky recently so please get the IT reviewed!
  • Great!
  • Excellent but the last answer (about overseas or US positions) could have been clearer. I don't think anyone on the webinar is contemplating cutting US stocks and piling into international and/or emerging. Yes, international valuations always are lower. Still, does it make sense to be overweight US stocks (still) and underweight international? If so, by how much? Just curious about Fritz's idea - not seeking a specific answer to an impossible-to-answer question.
  • Great, as usual.
  • Very helpful.
  • Excellent.
  • Very timely webinar!
  • Very usual!
  • Fritz Meyer is a MUST SEE & HEAR
  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Thought Fritz did a good job of highlighting why there's not a fire in this theater right now (but pointed out media/WH tendencies to sell their products/agendas intimating such).
  • Great
  • He is my favorite.  I wish the general population understood what he presented, as much of the recent volatility which seems pretty baseless,  might not have happened.
  • Excellent as always. Hit spot both analytically and as good check on all the media frenzy due to volatility. Much appreciated.
  • Excellent
  • Look forward to it every month.
  • Exceptional breadth and depth of all the real world data
  • One of his best ever!!!
  • Helpful perspectives
  • Beyond valuable for helping communicate where we are in the cycle to clients.
  • Excellent update.
  • Great input in this crazy market
  • Great

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