On A Day When Stocks Plunged, Economist Fritz Meyer's Monthly Update Gets Five-Stars

On a day when an  advisor really needed financial wisdom rooted in facts, Fritz Meyer received a five-star rating for his economic update webinar.


The stock market plunged 1.7% Monday and another 1.8% Tuesday and fear drove the most attendees to Fritz's update than any session since we began charging for  membership about six years ago, and the rave reviews indicate how much advisors appreciated Fritz's reminder of fundamentals driving the economy.  

We could bring you other presenters and sometimes we do, but Fritz Meyer gives all you need to be an investment fiduciary and spend more of your time with clients and growing your practice. We’re a new kind of continuing education news channel for real financial professionals, and your ratings and reviews affirm we are achieving our mission.

  • Excellent
  • Always grounded in current data and good historical references
  • Great
  • Fritz is always a 5...or a 6+.
  • Very well studied
  • Excellent
  • While i don't disagree, fritz is continually upbeat on equities..  It would be interesting if he could consider more diversification, like 7-Twelve.
  • Very clear....timely stuff
  • Excellent!!   Fritz is the best!
  • Great....
  • Very helpful
  • Excellent
  • Good talking points for client questions.
  • Fabulous as always!
  • Essential to those of us who choose to stay informed
  • Great content as always
  • Just what we needed in this market. A voice of educated reason.
  • Great
  • Excellent. Well done.
  • Great, as always
  • Excellent, relavent information.
  • Excellent as always.
  • Very insightful.
  • Excellent
  • Great. Thank you.
  • Excellent...very timely
  • Great   reassuring
  • Good update - economy strong, Fed seems to understand (generally) what they're doing
  • Really great insights and observations
  • Great
  • Excellent and very informative
  • Good info
  • Excellent work Fritz. I appreciate the different perspective you bring to the table. Don't believe everything you read. There must be more to every story...
  • Very informative
  • Thank you for the continually being very informative!
  • I think Fritz is smart and articulate.  I also think he is a Pollyanna.  He will never warn us until it is too late and then he will defend it all the way down.  Peaks are peaks because everything is going well.  There are a million things to be bearish about but he really doesn't acknowledge them.
  • Well done.
  • Cool
  • Thx for the update.  Always appreciate the perspective you add.

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