Adjusting Client Expectations Of A Diversified Portfolio

Approximately 110 minutes into Fritz Meyer’s two-hour, two credit October continuing education session for fiduciaries, he mentions that you might want to adjust what you’re telling clients to expect from a diversified portfolio. That’s one gem in a treasure-filled tour of current economic and financial conditions that also includes:    

  • Trump administration’s replacement for Trans Pacific Partnership
  • Why Quantitative Easing worked and unwinding is benign
  • The Fed’s outlook

Fritz received an average rating of 4.9 out of five stars from A4A members attending the live session. The day after Fritz’s session, the market plunged. His views remained unchanged. In the unlikely event his view does change, or if he wants to reinforce a point, A4A will alert you by email or text.  

Comments from those who took the time to let us know after the two hour session are below.

I’m a reporter and I’m doing a new kind of journalism.  A lot of my old friends in journalism were the smartest people in the room and they’re unemployed now or working for a small fraction of what they were paid to report the news to tens or hundreds of thousands of people. Traditional journalism is obviously dead.

Today’s reporters must understand the web, databases, ethics, writing, video, and HTML. I stand on the shoulders of greats like Prof. Luther P Jackson, Josh Mills, Dr. John Kochevar and other professors who taught me how to behave like a professional, and I taught Reporting & Writing I at The Graduate School of Journalism at New York University for just a couple of semesters in the late 1980s. If any journalism schools want to teach this kind of journalism, let me hear from you. I’d like to develop an internship program teaching college and graduate students the skills to succeed as a reporter today.

In a 300-year throwback to when John Peter Zenger reported, wrote and printed The New York Weekly Journal, truth telling professionals own the presses again today — if they have the right skills. Call it post-modern journalism. Journalism schools must equip reporters with skills to create online. As a reporter who has covered the creation of the burgeoning financial advice profession for over three decades and run a content marketing and website development company since 1996, I would like to support this approach to training journalists. Reporters can — and should  — be independent self-sustained professionals dedicated to finding truth.  

Eligible A4A members, replay for CE credit 24/7 knowing A4A’s team is so very grateful for your comments below about Fritz Meyer’s latest session, which can be replayed anytime for CE:

  • Superb
  • Excellent
  • Lots of content that provided a helpful view of the economy at large, often pointing out errors presented in articles and reports across the media. Plenty of helpful nuggets for client communication.
  • Excellent from the data supplied to the explanation of it all, etc... They need to have Fritz on the news more so than all those other talking heads who would rather supply fear and misstatements.
  • Very good, but there is a typo on slide 50, it says "excalated" and I think it should be escalated...
  • Fritz is still terrific.
  • First time I've listened to Fritz Meyer - shame on me!  Absolutely outstanding.
  • Outstanding
  • Excellent and reasoned presentation of the information
  • Great, as usual.
  • Great job.
  • Always very informative
  • Great job!
  • Excellent as always
  • Another great webinar.
  • This is really helpful and gives me plenty of food for discussion with clients.
  • Excellent
  • Lots of good, new information
  • Excellent deep dive into the economic data
  • awesome
  • SUPER!
  • Great....Fritz keeps me grounded.
  • Today's webinar was another great review of current economic and stock market (including fixed income) conditions and future expectations. I particularly liked the discussion towards the end of the webinar in which Fritz focused on the 60/40 portfolio return going forward (and the fact that the fixed income component will be contributing far less than it has over the past 30 years). This realization is something that clients should be forewarned about. Looking at past performance will be challenging.
  • always great
  • Due to scheduling and travel, I have missed some of Fritz's recent webinars. That's unfortunate because I always get tremendous value from the information and analysis he provides.
  • Very complete.
  • Need about 15-20 minutes of questions/discussion.
  • very good, I like his approach
  • excellent
  • Very Good to Excellent
  • Great as always
  • Best one in a while!
  • Excellent in all respects
  • Great!
  • Fritz is always worth my time.
  • Good use of visuals, graphs & data to explain your points. 
  • Excellent data as always.

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