Amid Political Instability And Volatility, Rave Reviews and 4.9-Stars For Fritz Meyer

Economic risk is a constant but U.S. political instability is new. With images of Syrian children choking on sarin gas and on the brink of a U.S. constitutional crisis, economist Fritz Meyer somehow makes sense of the world, or at least makes you not abandon optimism, according to the reviews of the latest monthly economic update webinar. 

Of 125 attendees who took the time to rate the two-hour long session, 10 gave it a 4-star rating and the other 115 advisors all gave it five stars. That’s insane! Comments from attendees are below.

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Thank you to A4A members for your thoughtful comments, reviews, attention and appreciation for our work.

  • Very informative
  • Excellent presentation. Sometimes hard to follow statistical relationships while looking at the charts and listening to the presentation. This is just due to me overanalyzing most likely and not listening carefully enough.
  • Great, as always
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Seems like the info could be covered sufficiently in 1 hour.
  • Excellent; very much appreciate Fritz' depth of analysis.
  • Great!
  • Great
  • Very Informative
  • Fritz is always enlightening.
  • These presentations are always invaluable to my practice.
  • Very focused and interesting as always
  • Super job today Fritz! Thanks for the reminders on asset allocation "rules" (don't try and make predictions year to year) and also for the refutation of the talking heads on CNBC and elsewhere when it comes to their mangling of the data. Shaming these imposters is a great service to anyone who cares to listen. Please continue to keep up the detailed analyses and observations which have kept many of us in lockstep with the market for a long time now.
  • I don't think Fritz could do better.
  • Extremely informative.  Expert quantitative analysis, as usual.
  • Excellent.
  • 2 hours were perfect.  Need to get membership info.
  • Always enjoy Fritz!
  • Great to include world economy outlook!  Thanks!
  • Too Long.
  • Wonderful analysis - never miss one. Thank you guys!
  • Great
  • I always benefit from listening to Fritz.
  • Excellent Job! Very helpful. Thank you Fritz.
  • Fritz Meyer continues to be an incredibly effective speaker, and his quarterly presentations are the main reason why I am an A4A member. Over time, his reinforcement and building on ideas helps to drive the information home in a meaningful way.
  • Excellent
  • I appreciated the view on China/US tariffs.
  • Interesting as always.  It is good that it is scheduled for the 2 hr limit and not the 1 hr.
  • Great. Thanks.
  • Thanks for the talk about the trade wars.
  • Excellent as always
  • Overall, very good.  The pointer/cursor jumping around the screen was a distraction.
  • Very insightful and inspiring. 
  • I always learn a lot from Fritz's webinars.  I feel that he is very dedicated to his field and presents well thought out and researched information to those attending.  And more often than not, looking back, he has been so much more accurate then the "talking" heads on cable TV.
  • Fritz is always excellent. I look forward to his monthly and quarterly updates.
  • Great.  Timely as always
  • Very helpful
  • Excellent, current economic material. Very helpful for my clients.
  • Fritz is excellent as always!
  • It is very long but worth it.
  • Exceptional as always!
  • I really enjoy his presentations
  • There was some new info which was great
  • Great stuff.
  • Always enjoy Fritz' perspective & optimism
  • Great
  • Great as usual
  • Great
  • Good Information
  • Fritz is always great.  In one of the upcoming webinars, I would like to hear more about future U.S. deficits.  Fritz has shown the slide previously that around 2025 the deficits start escalating.  How has that changed with the new U.S. Tax Bill passed in December, and the new budget passed in Q1.  Both increased deficit spending and I want to know the current and future impact.
  • Keep me focused on the cause/effect of economics as it relates to long term investing.  Very solid webinar series I always look forward to.
  • Good update, covered all
  • Really well presented
  • Great as usual.
  • Fritz does a good job.
  • Outstanding
  • Top notch



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