World Economic Forum Tackles Range Of Issues Amid Optimism Over Global Economy Hot

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This year’s Davos summit features widespread optimism over the direction of the global economy as it begins to pull away from the recession. Major issues expected to be discussed include China’s growing economy, Europe’s debt crisis, and the after-effects of the financial crisis that has wrought layoffs, cutbacks and austerity measures, according to this Associated Press article.

The Davos forum provides investors and advisors with a unique opportunity to hear what leaders around the world think about the world economy. This year’s summit features a record number of executives from emerging markets, says Bloomberg.

Here are some other articles based on issues that will be discussed at Davos:

As the financial crisis of 2008 fades into the past, corporate executives are having to navigate an unbalanced global economic recovery, marked by supercharged growth in the developing world and painfully slow growth in the mature economies that suffered most during the downturn.

For Dr. Doom the economic glass is half full: At the opening panel, “What is the New Economic Reality,” at the World Economic Forum, many were awaiting the words of Nouriel Roubini, the economist famously credited with predicting the financial crisis in 2006.

The global economy is not as healthy as it looks. The International Monetary Fund now predicts 4.4 percent growth for 2011. But inflation has reared its ugly head across the globe, suggesting that many economies are growing faster than can be sustained without structural changes. Spurring on reform should be the main focus of the annual World Economic Forum shindig this week in Davos, according to Reuters columnist Hugo Dixon.

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