Despite Asset-Class Controversy, February’s Financial Economics CE Webinar Wins 4.9-Star Advisor Reviews Hot

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Fritz Meyer’s comments about foreign and commodities investing provoked controversy, and we’ll be following up on the issue. 


Fritz's February financial economic news update received a 4.9-star rating for his February roundup of economy and financial markets. The comments from attendees of the live session, conducted Feb. 11, 2019, are appreciated greatly.   

  • Enjoyed his comments about the impact of foreign holdings in the portfolio.
  • Great webinar!
  • Good as always but disagree w/ his take on avoiding certain asset classes based on their past under performance.
  • Mic drop.  Perhaps Fritz to speak to E. Fama & others @ DFA instead of Craig.  Please keep this discussion rolling - don't just sweep it under the rug. 
  • RE: ratings above:
  • 1-Effective? as always, Fritz = yes
  • 2-Objectives met & time appropriate? Much less on economy this month & (elephant in the room) much more on investing - not nearly enough time to cover both & to take questions.
  • 3-Prereqs? I'd have liked some warning we'd be going there to do some pre-thinking
  • 4-Relevant? ""economic update""=50:50"
  • Incredible per usual. Tell Fritz to stop apologizing for running long. He should start saying, you’re welcome for the free bonus time!
  • great
  • excellent, makes one think!
  • yet!!!
  • always great information.
  • Very effective and a refreshing viewpoint from mainstream media
  • Very interesting
  • Excellent as always. Very thought provoking today.
  • Great controversial discussions about foreign stocks.
  • great as usual
  • I use DFA Funds and I have been disappointed in the returns of Foreign stocks for some time.  I appreciate Fritz bringing this divergence to our attention.
  • Fritz contradicted himself by blasting active and then proceeding to tell us how to manage our portfolios actively. It's great he feels that foreign markets are not appropriate, but he's basing that all on past data. He made a brief explanation about long-term US labor force and GDP growth, in addition to why foreign GDP will slow, yet again contradicted himself by saying we shouldn't rely on 30 year predictions. Too much ragging on fund companies and Craig. We are all professionals here. Stick to the econ!
  • Very good.  First time I have seen Fritz take a hard line!
  • Great
  • fantastic!
  • Very good look at International.  See you February 7, 2019.
  • John Maresh
  • Thought provoking
  • Please follow up with more on the whole efficient frontier discussion.    If not Isrealson, then someone else who can argue at Fritz Meyer's level of competence and confidence. 
  • Bold and beautiful. I also wrote Craig about why commodities then. In the portfolios we manage, we shifted away from commodities a decade ago, but we didn't do the same with Foreign Developed nor Emerging. That's going to be a big, big change, as you noted. By the same token of avoiding commodities, why not then shift that allocation from commodities to real estate if real estate has given such a high risk premium..?
  • I can’t say with enough enthusiasm how refreshing it is to hear the direct logical counter to prevailing wisdom.  Lemmings beware!
  • Good information. Calling it out on Foreign and Commodities
  • I really appreciated Fritz' data regarding foreign stocks and commodities.  This is very helpful!
  • Very interesting and much more controversial.  Gives me much to think about!!  Am very interested in the US Debt situation which I believe he will be able to cover in more detail in future.  It would have been nice for him to address the impact of US Gov't partial shutdown on US GDP.  Also, in future, when he goes into more detail on Debt to GDP, what happens if US GDP slows down significantly?
  • Excellent as always.
  • excellent as always but would love a point-counter point discussion webinar with both Fritz + Craig sharing their thoughts on international diversification.  One of the ONLY changes to my l/t asset allocation I have made in 25+ years was removing COMMODITIES which I did in 2008 after thoughtful analysis - not due to only l/t poor performance. I am intrigued by Fritz's thinkinghtful  + I rarely get intrigued in my asset allocation thinking over the last +40 years!
  • Fritz at his best!  Except for when he was bashing something he knew nothing about.  Would that be gossip or fake news?
  • Not sure about that Intl exposure comment but certainly willing to hear more about it.
  • Very good information
  • Quite a bombshell about asset class allocation but very thought provoking. Fritz's logical train of thought is powerful.
  • It is great that Fritz offers another view point.  I have had many of the same questions regarding some asset classes. 
  • Why do folks get on Fritz' case about foreign stocks & commodities? I think it's because he couldn't resist dipping toes too far into the asset class prediction" waters. But his editorial opinions aside, the facts he presents speak for themselves! Maybe just present them, and say "Hey, if you want to follow the conventional diversification mantra, knock yourselves out. But not me"... and let it go at that. Anyway, I thought it was an honest and hard-hitting appraisal. It's up to us to refute his hypothesis
  • well done
  • outstanding
  • Very good
  • Too bad for the DFA complainers.
  • I am a Texas CPA; how do I get CPE credit?  I watched the entire program, but saw and answered only two survey questions
  • Fritz is the best period.  The most educational and easy to understand presentations. 
  • Excellent as usual
  • It's about time that someone in the industry called BS on international allocations
  • Fritz is not afraid to say what he thinks!!!
  • Thank you Fritz!
  • Thanks for your honest assessment!
  • I loved it, it confirmed my own thoughts about foreign investments which i have been reducing in recent years.  Never use target date funds without adding us-based fund to put the thumb on the scale of us stocks.  My group of 8 colleagues across the country disagreed with me saying foreign stocks are on sale and I am not holding my breath for the foreign rally.  Well done!
  • Fritz is way off about the international equities.  He is making this call at after 10 years of US markets outperforming foreign.  The 10-year period of 2000 through 2009, international stocks crushed US stocks.  All top academic thought supports foreign investment.  The US is only 50% of the worlds equity markets...  Very disappointing to hear Fritz say these things...
  • Despite the "controversy" in today's webinar, it was certainly an interesting experience. The unexpected transgression into the controversial topic of non-US stocks was a bit unexpected. After all, for 10 years Fritz hasn't said too much about this asset class. Perhaps it was simmering below the surface, however. :) With all due respect to Craig, much has been written in the media about the late John Bogle telling investors to have zero percent in non-US. It seems Fritz has been paying attention! Thank you!
  • I like how you supported your intl equity position more this time
  • It was excellent.  Kudo's to Fritz for finally providing data that proved that international and commodities are a drag on performance and have been for some time.
  • the lost decade of 2000 - 2009 wasn't a lost decade if international was added.
  • Great stuff.  Fritz touched on something I've been questioning recently. 
  • I would love if you could get a Fritz and Craig in a joint ""non-US and commodities 'smack down'"" webinar."
  • Always enjoy Fritz's work
  • totally wrong about DFA (as noted already) -- whomever he talked to (about being required to invest in international markets) was smoking something....
  • Very good.  His opinion of international investing is very similar, I believe, to Jack Bogle's.
  • Too much personal opinion; this was a bully pulpit for the presenter to spout off.  Waste of my time. Never attend one of this presenter's webinars again.
  • Fritz hasn't convinced me (yet) on international stocks, but I appreciate him challenging my thinking.
  • Excellent as usual.  Thanks for your intellectual honesty.
  • Food for thought.  Thank you as always.
  • Dump international stocks!

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