Financial Market Analysis, Fritz Meyer Q&A, December 2019

Independent economist Fritz Meyer, at an A4A.TV CE webinar for investment fiduciaries last Tuesday, ran out of time before answering advisor questions, but Fritz answers A4A member questions in the 43-minute video below. Fritz received a five-star rating and rave reviews at the one-hour single CE-credit financial markets update The video below of the Q&A is annotated with links to additional resources containing valuable practice management tips for independent RIAs.   


CE Webinar Highlights  

Ed Fulbright, CPA/PFS, about 12 minutes into Fritz' responses to advisor questions, asks how the nation can muster the political will to raise taxes. Fritz shows the comparative tax burdens of the U.S. versus Germany and France. But that’s just the windup for Fritz to bring up tax policy again in referencing Europe's growth problem: “How do you grow an economy when 46% of every dollar goes to taxes?” 


Fritz shows demographics are the proximate cause of Europe’s growth problem and makes a strong case for a strategic shift in asset allocation over the long-term on the part of prudent professional investors.   


The video also illustrates the depth of A4A.TV's practice management tips for RIAs. For example, about 20 minutes into the Q&A, “fair use” of press clippings is discussed. It’s inside baseball but A4A members are major-leaguers who appreciate advanced practice management coverage for RIAs.


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As if free market commentaries from Fritz Meyer that are approved for CPE and CE credit for financial planners is not enough, a new benefit of A4A.TV is showing member badges to recognize your contribution when citing them in our posts and videos. Ed Fulbright asked a thoughtful question and you can see who he is on this page with his badge.


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If you just stumbled onto us, A4A.TV provides continuing professional education (CPE for CPAs and CPA/PFSs) as well as CE for CFPs®.  Webinars on A4A.TV are for financial planning and investment professionals who are thought leaders. What we're doing is very different from traditional CE for CFPs. For example, advisors can take a quiz in a trade magazine to get a continuing education credit every month. In contrast, A4A.TV every month gives you one-hour classes on tax and financial planning by Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS, on low-expense portfolio management by Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., as well as Fritz Meyer's economic analysis and financial market commentaries. 

While some very good continuing professional ed programs are offered by Vanguard Group and other product providers, A4A is a practice management knowledge system for RIAs who share common values. A4A CE is a methodology for professionals with common professional values. It's for advisors who need to know the most important tax, financial and investment planning strategies right now. It's a discipline for real financial professionals only. Of course, financial products have no influence on our CE classes. A4A.TV is a collaboration among a self-selected group of fiduciaries who embrace tax and financial planning as well as low-expense investing and who have written rave reviews about our financial news for professionals for years. It's grown organically from these rave reviews from advisors for over a decade now. 


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