Negative Rates Driven By Demographics, Says Fritz Meyer In 4.9-Star Rated CE Class

Day after day for 45 years, Fritz Meyer has analyzed economic fundamentals driving finance and investment.  I've had the privilege of speaking with him weekly about his point of view for nearly a decade.

Fritz's views evolve slowly, even as conditions constantly shift. Now Fritz has figured out the proximate cause of the yield curve inversion. Guidance developed based on decades of intellectual rigor, Fritz lays a path through an amazing set of facts explaining the smart way to long-term strategic wealth management decisions for professionals. Fritz is a world-class economic sherpa who has survived the 45-years of treacherous financial history, and his record since he started teaching CE classes since March 2011 record his wisdom in a verifiable public track record. 


The tectonic shift in financial economics Fritz has now fully articulated in this class -- a thesis as not in the consumer press as yet --  is likely to influence advisor asset allocation decisions for the next decade, if not two. 


Germany’s labor force problem is a key factor in his calculus, but Fritz only realized the importance of Germany after looking at demographic trends in Japan, China, U.S. and other developed-nations and coming to understand Germany’s pivotal role as the No. 2 issuer of sovereign debt. Fritz's dogged tracking of what's important, such as the axiom that GDP is equal to the sum of productivity and labor force growth, seems so simple, but having the discipline and clarity of mind to sustain a fact-based research focus for decades is hard.      



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