Highlights From Fritz Meyer's Economic Update

With 116 slides and nearly two hours of fact-intensive analysis, it's hard to pick highlights from the July's two- CE credit economic update by Fritz Meyer. 

Fritz charted inflation for over a century, and Fritz's analysis adds depth to an advisor's perspective about the future of interest rates. 

Fritz also said the Wall Street consensus forecast for earnings growth is overly optimistic, raising doubts about whether profit margins can be expected to continue to expand at the same rate of the last several years of the 10-year expansion.  

Prudent advisors, according to Fritz, can remain within the bounds of strategic asset allocation by adjusting portfolios to reflect the weak long-term economic fundamentals of Europe, particularly France.

Fritz also showed a series of demographic charts comparing the American labor force to other major economies, a key fundamental affecting the world economy in the next two decades. In addition, Wall Street's "top"strategists were right about one hot sector so far this year, Fritz says, but their 2019 predictions -- made in a Barron's cover story in December 2018 -- are otherwise not so hot. Oh, and the Fed's inflation model is broken, Fritz says, a story we've told in recent consumer updates.     

Reviews from advisors of the live 2 -credit continuing ed class on Tuesday, July 9:



  • Great information as always!
  • Always great content and learn so much!  Can you please shorten the Quick Polls though?  We are constantly missing key information waiting for the quiz to leave the screen.
  • excellent
  • Some of the basic material is repetitive (and I understand it must be for newcomers) but I'm wondering if Fritz might allocate less time to that so he can fully develop his newer thoughts without being rushed. The section on the FED was OUTSTANDING!
  • good show
  • I enjoyed it, but it was a stressful couple of hours.  It is my opinion that the questions are too detailed: Pinpointing one particular statistic after Fritz runs off 30 different numbers at a fast-paced, rapid-fire 5 or so minutes is not easy to answer! Also, some questions appeared before he had even covered the topic.
  • Really technical so you need to be totally focused or your can miss out. I’m going to listen to this again because there is a lot to absorb
  • Excellent presentation and use of the data to confirm the trends in the stock market and cut through the mis-analysis of data on general business media. 
  • Best strategist I have ever heard!
  • he is the best!
  • Fritz thank you for once again reiterating all of the data points which are conveniently ignored by the media and "talking heads" on Wall Street and elsewhere, and also for calling out the so-called strategists. I think that your continued emphasis on our true role as advisers (which is to educate our clients about risk and volatility as opposed to timing the market) is superb advice and sometimes is difficult to get one's arms around because of the constant market type. Thank you for repeating frequently!
  • Excellent!
  • It would be nice if the polls could be closed a bit sooner as they completely cover the slides while open.  Other than that, it is always a good session and one of the few webinars I try to catch live.
  • Excellent.  Great charts and Fritz always has something that you can share with clients
  • Good information
  • Excellent job, Fritz and Andy!
  • Great webinar, i already subscribe to Fritz POV
  • Superb.  Thanks!
  • will Fritz answer the questions he didn't get to somehow?
  • Clarity
  • This was great.
  • Excellent webinar
  • Amazing
  • Just excellent as always.  Fritz says his presentations are a labor of love, and we love him back for them!
  • Clear and concise
  • great
  • Great
  • Always an excellent presentation!
  • Excellent explanations of some things I did not understand before
  • Excellent overview of the economy and market
  • It is long, but it is worth it.
  • Excellent!
  • Loved it.  Fritz is always spot on with his economic analysis.
  • Always superb
  • Very good, easy to understand and follow
  • Excellent as usual.
  • Very good.
  • fantastic
  • Very informative and thought provoking
  • Interesting perspective. New information and way of looking at economy and investing.
  • Excellent as always, thank you!

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