Fritz Meyer’s Yield Curve Warning (CE Credit 24/7)

Unless the Federal Reserve Bank reverses course, a recession should be expected, according to economist Fritz Meyer, speaking at a breaking news webinar.

You can replay the session and it’s eligible for one credit on demand CE 24/7 for CFP®. CIMA®, ChFC®, CLU®, and other tax, financial and retirement planning professionals.

Fritz Meyer is not known as a fear monger. He has been bullish on the long-term prospects of the U.S. stock market for over nine years and more than 100 monthly economic update webinars on About seven years ago, Fritz was derided in a review by an A4A  member as a “permabull.”  So when Fritz Meyer calls, just two weeks after his last webinar and says he needs to warn A4A members about the yield curve, it’s a peculiar type of breaking news event.  It’s news of immediate importance to strategic planners — fiduciaries who provide tax, financial and investment advice. 


Fritz and I have been producing monthly webinars together since early 2011 and Fritz only suggests an urgent session between regular monthly updates once every couple of years, maybe less.  We are committed to extra updates whenever the S&P 500 drops 10%, but Fritz rarely has requested sessions beyond the regular schedule. Brexit was one. When we plan these breaking news sessions, Fritz always insists he only needs 20 minutes and the update will, thus, not qualify for CE credit.  I always tell Fritz he will fill the time. That happened again this week. This session ran an hour and twenty minutes! It qualified for CPA CPE and is approved for CE credit from CFP Board, IWI, and The American College.

Some excellent questions from attendees, that could not be answered in today’s live webinar, will be addressed Fritz's next webinar on June 11. Thank you for the great questions and collaborating deeply with A4A. The session received a 4.9-star rating and the reviews from members are below. This session leaves a lot to think for advisors and we will be following up.

  • Outstanding.  I don't agree with everything but he does make you think and that's what it is all about.
  • Excellent. Fritz had great insights on the FED and the significance of their actions.
  • Fritz, tremendous job today with everything! Thank you for your obvious dedication to the A4A community and those of us who value the best advice and analysis out there. I am beginning to sound like a broken record with the accolades, having listened to your webinars for almost 10 years in the A4A group (or whenever you began presenting them). As Andy alluded to, some people along the way have accused you of being a perma-bull and so today's more somber mood certainly refutes the naysayers. Thanks!
  • The webinar is good, but if you're going to sound the alarm on the markets, don't then tell advisors to have their clients ride it out. Reducing risk by 25-50% is prudent after a 10 year run.
  • Excellent - so thankful we have Fritz to share his wisdom with us, and for him reaching out mid-month when there are significant developments.
  • One of the best. Great talking points for clients.
  • Outstanding! Thank you!
  • Webinar informative survey irrelevant
  • Great as usual
  • Useful.
  • Excellent and timely (also prompting some worrying on my side)
  • Excellent - thank you!
  • Love the webinar . However i had an appointment scheduled and the webinar ran over by 20 minutes!!! That caused me to be late for my appointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Outstanding
  • The BEST
  • Better than his others which were great
  • Great
  • Awesome and timely!!!!
  • Outstanding and Timely
  • Timely, informative
  • I appreciate Fritz's balance in this - "hey, look at this thing that I see" - but not an reactionary "omygawd, SELL."  Informative without being alarmist.
  • Excellent analysis, thank you!
  • Very timely.  I wanted to make a comment but could not get the software to let me.  I wanted to note that in the last 30 days the market (DJIA) has already dropped 1,500 points.
  • Very timely! 
  • Great
  • Great timely information
  • Timely
  • When you see Fritz sounding a warning (not alarm bell), it certainly causes pause. Time to start ramping up more proactive phone calls to clients to get their expectations set.
  • Very timely
  • Very timely
  • Fritz always seems to add clarity to the numbers and provide easy-to-understand data that is simple to convey to clients.
  • Interesting

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