CE Update On Foreign ETFs Beyond MSCI EAFE Evokes A4A 2.0  

For a deep dive into country- and region-specific foreign ETFs beyond MSCI EAFE, CFP®, CIMA®, and other financial professionals who are members of A4A receive on-demand 24/7 CE credit for this 4.8-star rated by Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., an expert on low-expense investing.

Craig has taught college and graduate-level classes for three decades about family financial management and has been teaching professionals online on A4A’s low-cost continuing professional education webinars for the last decade. Pointy-headed fiduciaries will want to attend this class.  


Since A4A is so tightly focused on issues of interest only to fiduciaries who are fiercely independent and determined to fulfill their obligations to their clients, we are able to dive deeper into topics generally not covered elsewhere and and enable advisors to collaborate deeper with thought leaders.  For example, on Thursday, April 25, 2019, A4A member Michael McCall, CIMA® emailed Craig asking about the MSCI EAFE versus FTSE all World ex USA. The email was sent less than hour before Craig was presenting at 4 ET.

At the live webinar, Michael chatted in with his question, and Craig answered him on the spot. Afterward, Craig gave the question further thought and sent Michael a followup email with a spreadsheet attached showing him the EAFE compared to FTSE All.-World Ex US. The exchange serves as an example of deeper collaboration of advisors with thought leaders aligned with a financial consumer’s best interest. Those are examples of an intentional effort we're calling A4A 2.0.

Comments from attendees:

  • Overall a good presentation. It seemed that the objective of the presentation could have been made a bit clearer. I believe the brief history of the comparison period made the analysis less effective.
  • Very interesting, as usual.
  • Good information.
  • Very informative and transparent.  Craig does a great job dissecting and explaining the data.  Two thumbs up!
  • Very Interesting!
  • Very well presented
  • Always interesting
  • Interesting to see correlations and returns separately and combined with S&P 50/50
  • Interesting look at non US stocks...sort of proves Fritz Meyer's suggestion that 25 year foreign markets have underperformed US markets
  • Excellent as Always
  • great!
  • Good stuff
  • Excellent...please provide more webinars like this...
  • Thank you, Craig, for reminding us why broad diversification (as opposed to single country exposure) is the right way to invest. As intriguing as it is to see frontier countries develop their capitalistic ways, it is certainly a volatile and uncertain environment. I have personally never wanted to invest in a single country fund and some of what you showed today reaffirmed my belief. Thank you for devoting the time and energy to highlighting the various correlations between these other countries and the US

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