4.9-Star Reviews From Advisors For Annual Update Of Performance Characteristics Of Asset Classes

A4A’s 2019 update of performance characteristics of asset classes by Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., received rave reviews from dozens of advisors.


Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., has been teaching about asset class and portfolio characteristics for over three decades. He refines it every year. This year’s version of the class averaged a 4.9-star rating from attendees of the live session, conducted Jan 31, 2019. Craig organizes the class into multiple lessons, focusing on retirement investing and the effects of expenses, as well as the impact of broadly diversifying.




This was the first time Craig's seven-asset class model portfolios, representing 12 discrete styles, offered 20 years of history. Craig, an academic who has taught thousands of college students about family financial management, sells his models for $350 a year. Advisors can use Craig's models instead of much more costly solutions from TAMPS and custodians. Craig's research is integral to A4A's low-expense investing bias and strategic approach to continuing professional education curriculum about financial economics. (Fritz Meyer, a leading independent economist, has long recommended Craig's strategic asset allocation research.)      


Craig’s slides also give advisors the 93-year statistics on a four-asset diversified portfolio. The music video below shows the 70 slides in this continuing education class on A4A Jan 31, 2019 and available for 24/7 replays. CFP, CIMA, and other professionals receive free 24/7 credit with a membership to Advisors4Advisors ($10 a month). Keep in mind, CPA/PFS's receive credit for A4A’s live CPE classes, but not replays. If you want to use this kind of research in your marketing, a transcript of what Craig said, along with the slides Craig shows in this presentation are available here for $50 a month


Advisors rated this session with an average rating of 4.9 stars and wrote these rave reviews for this CE webinar:


  • Very informative to get this yearly update
  • Even though I've seen the 7/12 presentation I like it during different times to bear out its' effectiveness
  • OK
  • Excellent.
  • Excellent.
  • Excellent information
  • Always good.
  • The data was compelling.  I especially liked how he focused on explaining these concepts to real people
  • Fantastic.  Craig's ability to present complex data simply and intuitively is amazing.
  • Great
  • Craig provided some valuable overviews of the impact of reducing advisory fees in conjunction with reducing expense ratios on mutual funds/ETFs which is very helpful in understand how to save client's money. The descending chart starting at 200 bps and going down to 50 bps was excellent. Thank you. Also, the chart of returns for internal rate of return (IRR) for 50/50 bonds/cash, 100% cash, 100% stocks, etc. was a very valuable lesson in not getting too conservative (or too aggressive).
  • Great
  • Very good
  • Good.
  • Great job.
  • Good, can you show the model portfolio with and without commodities from 1980 to present?
  • Helpful
  • Always great and insight stuff
  • Excellent as usual.
  • Informative
  • Always get nuggets of helpful insight from Craig every time I listen.
  • Excellent presentation

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