Rave Reviews From Advisors For Volatility CE Session, As Stocks Swing Wildly

The week before this webinar about stock market volatility, the S&P 500 plunged 4.9%, and then it surged 5% higher the week of the class. Amid heightened volatility, this continuing education course for CFP, CPA, CIMA professionals received a 4.9-star rating.


Craig Israelsen, a professor who has published monthly in Financial Planning for two decades, teaches about portfolio design every month at A4A’s courses accredited by CFP Board, NASBA, and IWI. This session examines the statistical characteristics of portfolios in periods of high volatility, and specifically how it impacts overall portfolio correlation.

Craig Israelsen is a key contributor to the practice management approach we support for financial planning and investment fiduciaries. Dr. Israelsen gives you correlation coefficient, risk, return and other statistics on a variety of broadly portfolios in a $350 a year subscription.  You can implement at any low-cost brokerage serving RIAs and you can build client portfolios with ETFs, index funds, or actively-managed funds comprised of allocations to securities tickers provided by Craig. Rebalancing stats are provided annually. It'sthe lowest cost way to practice and it is disruptive and only for forward-thinking professionals.     

This approach to managing a core portfolio is much less expensive than paying a custodian, TAMP or financial product manufacturer based on AUM to do the same thing. This approach enables professionals to advise clients for less than 20 basis points on a core portfolio, which has been commoditized by the very same Wall Street brokerages selling RIAs custody services and managed diversified portfolios.

Craig Israelsen teaches every month on A4A about low-expense investing and his webinars are a key piece of A4A’s comprehensive approach. We report breaking news you need to sustain a financial advisory practice aligned with the best interest of clients. This timely webinar is eligible for one credit 24/7 on demand for replays by CFP and CIMA professionals. (Live sessions are eligible for CPA CPE.)

This session illustrates A4A’s news judgment  about strategic issues important to real financial professionals. Along with news analysis of economic fundamentals from the amazing Fritz Meyer, and tax and financial planning strategies taught monthly by Robert Keebler, CPA.PFS, A4A continuing education webinars form the intellectual underpinning for a professional services firm offering financial planning and investment advice. 

A4A is differnt from Kaplan Financial Education, WebCE and other continuing professional education and advisor news websites. Founded in 2008, at the height of the global financial crisis, A4A  complements a professional practice management system based on low expense investments, financial and tax planning, and quantitative analysis of economics fundamentals. 

This session went 15 minutes long because Craig was on a roll and questions kept coming in. Even the attendee who criticized the length of the session gave it  a 5-star rating. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated and we are committed to this kind of genuine collaboration to promote progress in financial planning and investment education and communications with consumers. Comments:

  • Very interesting!
  • Great
  • Good
  • Always learn from Dr. Israelsen
  • Love Craig!
  • Solid logic...wise approach
  • Simply awesome
  • Great information and speaking points to share with clients.
  • Excellent review of statistical measures that are critical to portfolio development
  • Good explanation of correlation
  • Thank you Craig for the continuing review and analysis of correlation between the various asset classes. The most important conclusion is something that was emphasized repeatedly, and that is the psychology of investing, and investor (client) behavior. It was useful for you to directly identify the dilemma of the adviser in that clients do not have the patience to wait for lagging asset classes. And your point that commodities have been terrible investments is a major part of that dilemma, thank you.
  • I think this one dragged a little.  He kept making the same point over and over.  I think we get the uncorrelated point.  Also, i have mentioned many times before that i really prefer the one-hour call last no longer than one hour.  If i have a 5pm call, which i did today, i want to be able to drop off and not have the call still going.  You have 60 minutes for Andy's intro, the body of the presentation, and Q&A. Figure out how you want to split it up and stick to it.
  • Excellent. Well done!
  • Good stuff
  • Good, common-sense reminder: "this is what a correlated portfolio looks like.  They don't usually all get to party together."  set expectations.  They're each doing their part.

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