Designing Portfolios To Beat A 4% "Safe" Drawdown Rate; 24/7 CFP® Continuing Education Credit

Craig Israelsen, a professor of family financial management for three decades, deconstructs two portfolios over rolling 25-year periods between 1970 and 2017, advocating for a strategic approach to exceeding the 4% "safe" withdrawal rate
Craig's research and teaching skills are leveraged in this professional-level course about analysis of portfolio returns, risk, and other characteristics. Practitioners come away  more fluent in key concepts of modern portfolio theory and grow more confident about applying and teaching clients these rubrics of investing
Questions from A4A members about the impact of inflation in strategic asset allocation comes up and it's a good discussion. The safe drawdown rate is probably the most important investment problem financial planners can help investors manage and is likely to remain so for the next decade. So questions from A4A members at this CE course about safe withdrawal rates have important implications. Craig Israelsen is not advocating for a higher drawdown rate in retirement; rather, he shows data to enabling practitioners to make informed decisions on what to expect from a retirement portfolio, and he reviews the impact of inflation in depth based on historical data -- news analysis for financial planning and investment professionals. Here, unmasked, are comments from attendees of the live Halloween session:  
  • Information was relevant and well-presented
  • It was my first.  I thought it was great!
  • good insights
  • good
  • Good look on inflationary pressures on a portfolio
  • Good, but lots of unaddressed variables (i.e. lower interest rate environment currently, sequence of return risk in starting years like 1999 & 2007, & etc.)
  • Thank you for the continuing focus on withdrawal rates in retirement and for demonstrating that, contrary to popular belief, many retirees will end up having MORE money in their accounts after 25 years than they expect. This academic exercise is certainly useful to advisers who want to more deeply understand the workings of a withdrawal strategy based on historical data. Translating it into a suitable format for clients is more challenging.
  • Excellent job of clarifying basic portfolio allocation
  • Eye opening
  • Good stuff! 
  • These seminars often run late.  You should be more respectful of time, given that I often have other appointments before or after these webinars.
  • Moved to slow
  • Interesting
  • Excellent
  • Very helpful
  • It was great.  As I said, been using Craig's approach for years.  Just waiting for commodities to take off.  :)
  • Excellent
  • Hi, I think that if you are going to disclose names for questions, it should be first names only. Disclosing full names may have a chilling effect on asking questions.
  • Very timely. Thank you.
  • statistical data

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