Life Settlements Get a Boost From Tax Reform

Optimal tax theory is a serious field. You could spend your life studying it. So let's start by referencing examples of fine work: N. Gregory Mankiw, Matthew Weinzierl and Danny Yagan, “Optimal Taxation in Theory and Practice,” Journal of Economic Perspectives, Fall 2009. Peter Diamond and Emmanuel Saez, “The Case for a Progressive Tax: From Basic Research to Policy Recommendations,” Journal of Economic Perspectives, Fall 2011. Emmanuel Saez and Stephanie Stantcheva, “Generalized Social Marginal Welfare Weights for Optimal Tax Theory,” American Economic Review,

Amid Political Instability And Volatility, Rave Reviews and 4.9-Stars For Fritz Meyer

Economic risk is a constant but U.S. political instability is new. With images of Syrian children choking on sarin gas and on the brink of a U.S. constitutional crisis, economist Fritz Meyer somehow makes sense of the world, or at least makes you not abandon optimism, according to the reviews of the latest monthly economic update webinar.  Of 125 attendees who took the time to rate the two-hour long session, 10 gave it a 4-star rating and the other 115 advisors all gave it five stars. That’s insane! Comments from attendees are below. If you are a member of A4A, log in and click here to rep

Upon Nine Years Of Webinars For Advisors, Fritz Meyer’s 4.9-Star Rated CE Session
Independent economist Fritz Meyer received an average rating of 4.9 stars (out of 5) yesterday from 100 of the independent advisors attending his quarterly update.   Considering the strong opinions advisors hold on this topic and that it was a 100-minute, two-credit session that went 15 minutes overtime, a 4.9-star rating is incredible. Miraculously, it was the fourth consecutive 4.9-rated session for Fritz!   This session begins my tenth year of producing webinars for advisors. As a journalist, I started conducting webinars to enable my sources to share their ideas with

Time To Get Out Of Cash? Stocks? Bonds?
In these uncertain times, clients and advisors both are seeking answers and predictions on how to invest. We always fall back on staying the course through diversification. But, what if it’s different this time?

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Israelsen Reviews Inflation, Returns, And Portfolio Management Since 1970s -- 4.7 Stars investing.gif
Dr. Craig Israelsen's presentation, "Inflation, Returns, And Portfolio Management," received 4.7-stars from attendees of the live session and A4A members can skim it or replay the entire for CE credit on demand 24/7. Dr. Israelsen answers questions from attendees below:         Slide 33-35 Craig said that the specific annualized return of any one of the 7 portfolio components were different when taken in isolation than when they are part of an asset allocation. Huh? Evaluating the performance of any asset class by itself (in isolation) is not hel