Advisors Would Prefer Any Republican To President Obama By A Wide Margin Hot

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While the survey results are interesting, what more striking is that FSI suddenly is a source of information on what independent advisors think. With 35,000 members, FSI is now bigger than the Financial Planning Association, which has about 24,000 members.

In a race between Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney and President Obama, just 19% of advisors polled favor Obama and 81% would vote for Romney, according to the FSI survey.

Advisors would elect Ron Paul over Obama by a 72% versus 28% margin, FSI reported, while advisors favor Rick Santorum by a 75% to 25% margin over Oabama and Newt Gingrich by a 74% to 25% majority.

By a 72% to 28%, FSI said its members are against the Department of Labor redefining the definition of a fiduciary, an area of contention among groups representing different segments of the independent financial advisor business.

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