FPA Launches A New Round Of Free "Financial Planning Days" Hot

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This year's round of Financial Planning Days -- Saturdays in October -- will give non-clients a chance to get free advice in 31 cities.


While this is a great idea, where it really shines is the way it gets participating planners to think outside the box and bring in people who wouldn't otherwise be considered ideal prospects.


Last year saw 2,000 people take advantage of the offer, which sounds great even after you divide it by four Saturdays and about 20 cities.


Roughly 20 consultations per day. That's a full day for just about any firm.


Naturally, a lot of these people will never become what the industry thinks of as a perfect client. They just don't have the assets -- and their planning needs are often pretty pressing.


But you never know. The FPA says a lot of the people who come in are surprisingly affluent.


They just never saw the point in talking to a planner. 


If you're looking for new business, maybe it's time to revisit that "free first consultation" marketing material. And see if anyone lurking in the mass market may actually be a good fit for the way you do business.




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