Edward Jones Training Recruits To Get Out Of The Office


Edward Jones is still recruiting aggressively, which is no surprise. They want to grow and they have the scale to train people who are new to the industry.


The real takeaway, though, is the 12-room "playhouse" they use to walk new recruits through a variety of meeting environments.


This is not just a fake office with a desktop, a waiting room, and maybe a conference table for high-end clients.


They're not just showing new advisors how to set up an independent branch.


Edward Jones is training its advisors to get out and meet clients and prospects in homes, workplaces, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them in coffeeshops soon.


Everyone I talk to says the tablet computer is going to transform the advisory business by turning the advisor into someone who literally makes "house calls."


Here we have a firm that's putting that promise into action right here, right now.

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