BrightScope Ranks Top 25 Philadelphia Area Registered Investment Advisor Firms By Assets Under Management

BrightScope, which has gained recognition by rating 401(k) plans based on publicly available data, has created a product called Advisor Pages aggregating public information about advisors.
"Our goal in creating BrightScope Advisor Pages is to significantly increase transparency in the broader wealth management industry by displaying publicly available data on financial advisors in a consumer-friendly manner," said Shaloha Aires of BrightScope in a press release.
The largest 25 RIAs in Philadelphia ranked by AUM, according to BrightScope, are shown below.
1. Penn Capital Management Company, Inc. - $5.9B
2. MyCIO Wealth Partners, LLC - $5.3B
3. Wescott Financial Advisory Group, LLC - $1.3B
4. Hillview Capital Advisors, LLC - $1.2B
5. McCabe Capital Managers, Ltd. - $1.0B
6. Radnor Financial Advisors, Inc. - $1.0B
7. Abacus Wealth Partners - $622.6M
8. Trinity Investment Advisors, LLC - $601.4M
9. RTD Financial Advisors, Inc. - $538.1M
10. Conestoga Capital Advisors, LLC - $471.1M
11. Roffman Miller Associates, Inc. - $451.4M
12. Coho Partners, Ltd. - $445.2M
13. West Capital Management, Inc. - $436.5M
14. Stillwater Capital Advisors, LLC - $382.0M
15. Northstar Asset Management, LLC - $368.7M
16. Lehman Financial Resources, Inc. - $337.7M
17. Persimmon Capital Management,LP - $240.9M
18. TGS Financial Advisors - $235.5M
19. Obrien Greene & Co, Inc. - $225.4M
20. Adare Asset Management, LLC - $164.0M
21. Godshalk Eric M & Co. - $160.8M
22. Spartan Capital Management, LLC - $157.1M
23. Kades Financial, Inc. - $145.6M
24. Financial Freedom - $115.2M
25. Benchmark Asset Managers, LLC - $75.2M

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