Trone Apologizes To fi360 And Says He Regrets "Going Public With Our Private Dispute"


"I want to publically state that my comments about my dispute with fi360 were unprofessional and inappropriate, and I owe Blaine Aikin, and the staff of f360 and CEFEX my sincere apologies," Trone says in an email. "After a three-and-a-half year legal battle I was bottled up with emotion, and the emotions poured out when Andy Gluck asked me why I left fi360.


"It was not my intent to open up the way I did, and I want to acknowledge that Blaine showed better judgment than I in not going public with our private dispute," Trone said. "Though there were differences between me and the fi360 Board, I can attest to the integrity of the fi360 staff and they deserve your continued support. I wish Blaine and the rest of the fi360 team continued success."


Trone sent the email after I posted saying advisors are entitled to a respone from fi360 about Trone's claims.   

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