Washington-Area Whistleblower Sues Wells Fargo To Take Her Back


Pamela Bolanis says the firm contacted her a little over a year ago to monitor her boss, Christopher Sargent, on suspicion that he was putting elderly clients in highly volatile and often illiquid penny stocks.


She uncovered evidence to that effect -- as well as insider trading -- but Sargent only received a slap on the wrist, she says.


After that point, her lawsuit alleges that Sargent started squeezing her out of the firm, eventually pushing her to Merrill Lynch and forcing her to abandon most of her clientele in the process.


She wants to come back, and according to the Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower rules, she might have a shot. 


Wells Fargo believes otherwise. They tried to mediate the case internally, but now they see no grounds for Bolanis to return.





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