Public Stand On The Debt Ceiling Earns D.C. Advisor The Wrath Of Rush Limbaugh, Others


Farr appeared on CNBC recently to address whether debate over raising the federal debt ceiling is mere "political theater" or a matter of fiscal discipline. 


He was reasoned and realistic, pointing out that the world's credit markets are not going to be happy if the U.S. Treasury can't pay its bills.


Rick Santelli, a CNBC staffer known for his right-wing political affiliations, seemed to be busy trying to shout him down.


In return, Farr got flooded with negative Facebook comments and email messages from Santelli fans -- and mention on the Rush Limbaugh radio show.


He's handling it with grace, linking to the Rush "appearance" on his site and voicing his admiration for Santelli's courage to yell over what he believes in.

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