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In this class, participants learn the latest strategies income and estate tax planning in and why income tax planning is more important than estate tax planning this year.


The integrated income and estate planning approach taught in this class helps improve the advice process by responding to the current tax situation. This inaugural class by Paul Hood, one of the nation’s leading educators of legal, accounting, and financial advice professionals:

  • • Compares the old estate and income tax planning paradigm --pre-Tax Cuts & Jobs Act – with the new regime, where income and estate tax planning must be integrated.
  • • Explains the building blocks of tax planning -- wills, trusts, LLCs, etc. – in the context of the communication and soft-side skills required.
  • • Shows a methodology for removing obstacles to achieving a good estate planning result.
  • • Reviews an approach to selecting and designing tax planning techniques.
  • • Examines common integrated income and estate planning goals and objectives.
  • • Lays out the 12 fears and objections of estate planning and the most common mistakes income and estate planners make.
  • • Discusses critical ethical issues that routinely arise during the estate planning process.
  • • Analyzes ethical conflicts of interest that arise in estate planning by reviewing a real case.
  • • Suggests ways to avoid malpractice claims
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