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This important new feature in the Advisor Products Client Portal is intergated with Redtail Technology’s CRM. So when you input an Activity in Redtail, it shows up automatically in a client’s portal.

With advisory firms under financial pressure because asset values have plunged in the past year, showing each client a list of tasks you’ve completed in the past year is a way of building loyalty. In light of the bear market and advisor Ponzi-scheme scandals, it is critical to include this information in client communciations regularly.


Many tasks advisory firms handle for clients go unnoticed or are quickly forgotten. Clients may not know when you’ve spent hours rebalancing their accounts, updating their financial plans, or researching a problem by speaking with their attorneys or accountants.


The Advisor Products Client Portal Platform—the only advisor system dedicated solely to advisor-client communcation—makes it easy for you to remind clients of all the work you’re doing for them. It also provides a plethora of other information designed to strengthen your relationships with clients.





Redtail costs $600 a year and portals for 100 clients costs $2,200 a year. Together, these two best of breed applications do things form the solid core of any advisory firm’s practice management system. And they’re each integated with almost all of the leading PMS and financial planning applications used by advisors.







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