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Income Taxation of Trusts And Estates, a 1-credit class for independent CFP®, CIMA®, CPA/PFS, and other financial planning professionals, Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, earned a 4.8 star rating from attendees at the live class.  

I am grateful to A4A members for the high level of professional discourse. In the last seven minutes of this class, Bob answers technical questions about trust and estate taxation, including the 12 below, in rapid-fire succession:

  1. Is the QSBT or ESST election required for all complex trusts after the grantor is deceased (2 years)?
  2. Does the 10,000 SALT cap apply in the case of where the trust owns farmland and there are property taxes exceeding the 10000 limit? 
  3. Bob can you touch on mechanics of capital gain in a trust?
  4. What’s the difference between complex and simple trusts.
  5. Mechanics of shifting capital gain to beneficiary?
  6. What is the cap gains tax schedule for trusts/estates? Same as individuals?
  7. If a non-grantor trust permits HEMS (health education maintenance and support) distributions and then also distributions of principal at Trustee's discretion, and there are children as primary beneficiaries and grand-kids as remainder beneficiaries, is the Trustee permitted to make such distributions?
  8. How does DNI (distributable net income) differ from fiduciary accounting income?  And with trust tax rates so high, won't distributions make the most sense unless creditor concerns exist now? 
  9. Is there software that helps with estimating trust income tax?
  10. Can i decant a ct trust to Nevada to save 12 percent trust. family and decedent lived/lived in ct.
  11. Options (ex covered calls) spin off cash flow. I assume this would need to be distributed out of trust as income the year rec'd?
  12. Is Kiddie Tax ever triggered in a Trust where the beneficiary is a minor?


After every live webinar, some attendees take the time to write reviews our CE classes for CFP®s, CPA/PFS, CIMA®, and other financial planning professionals. Here are advisor reviews of this continuing education class from our brilliant network of professionals:

  • Good basic info
  • Bob, thanks for keeping all of us on our toes with the technical explanations and illustrations regarding taxation of trusts and estates. You correctly point out that much of this is above most people's heads, and to be cautious about giving out advice on anything, especially something specific in terms of deadlines, filings, etc. Thank you also for mentioned the NUA issue for company stock, something which is always a bit esoteric and can easily elude an adviser (and the entire team as well).
  • Great, as always.
  • very effective, stuck to what is most needed to have a conversation and be aware of the planning opportunities
  • Easy to follow and stayed on track.
  • Good info with a lot of detail
  • instead of covering so many topics, cover fewer but in more depth
  • Great summary of trust taxation.
  • good
  • Always Great!  Thanks, Bob
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Great intro to very complex area
  • Excellent
  • Bob does a great job of presenting complex tax subjects !!  Thanks
  • great as usual
  • Good job. Bob provides a lot of good information.
  • Good Review
  • The amount of info was hard to process in the time allotted.
  • Good but pretty much way over the head of this mom and pop planner. But it helps