Fritz Meyer Defines The New Normal For Inflation And Rates; Rave Reviews From CFP®, CIMA®, CPA Professionals

Fed Governor Lael Brainard, on May 16, described the current relationship between employment and inflation as "the new normal," reflecting a growing school of thought that the inflationary conditions of your over-50 clients' youth were an aberration in American financial history.

Economist Fritz Meyer has been making this point about the new normal for rates for over a year and covered it in his latest update available for replay now. 

Fritz Meyer is a unique resource for independent professionals. Fritz is not affiliated with any product. No hidden agenda. Pure research based on data.  Fritz's monthly updated presentations cost just $150 quarterly. 


At this session, by the way way, advisors voted 51% to 49% in favor of changing the time of A4A webinars from 4 to 5 p.m. EST. Sorry, but we’re not changing it! It’s just too small a margin of difference to make a change that will affect so many.

(It’s unfair to make comparisons with David Cameron! I am under no statutory mandate to follow through. But history will remember him as a tragic figure.)


Lest I digress, your reviews of Fritz Meyer’s May CE update reflected a Brexit-like polarization of opinion about the Q&A portion of A4A CE sessions. One advisor chastises what another praises! This is what A4A gets paid for: making a judgment about what’s news.

1 hour of CE credit for CFP® CIMA® , ChFC ®, CLU® is available on demand 24/7 for $120 a year.  

A4A is a new model for journalists to cover a range of fields in the interest of consumers. That’s the big idea.

Fritz’s average rating from 89 attendees of the live session was 4.9 stars. Reviews from who attended the live CE session:

  • Excellent as always.
  • Very good. Nice summary of key statistics.
  • Excellent
  • Very informative as usual.
  • Love it. First time listening to it and my expectations were exceeded. I'm a new advisor and think the knowledge gained from the seminars will help me build my business.
  • Fritz is always great
  • Big fan of Fritz' clear, concise analysis!
  • wonderful
  • I liked it but think that some of the Q@A at the end is a bit tedious.  Is it possible to send out this form at the end of the structured time for those who want to leave the webinar then rather than stay on for the extra 15-20 minutes?
  • Great
  • I prefer the 4PM time slot.
  • Excellent
  • can't wait until the next one!!!!
  • information is always relevant and useful
  • The materials Fritz provided put things in perspective that will ease the tensions of any market skeptics?
  • Refreshing to get ""real news"" on economic conditions. Great insights backed by actual data without the usual political spin and bias on both sides.
  • These webinars are a source of invaluable information that I rely upon as I advise clients. 
  • This was an excellent presentation today by Fritz, particularly with respect to the truth about the China tariffs. Andy also chatted out an article from Market Watch written today by Brett Arends, who admits in the article that he is no fan of Trump, but he concurs with Fritz that the media has typed the China story for some reason. It's not clear why this is. Fritz clearly demarcates the truth from the type on this topic and a few others, as his his style. Fritz' contrarian approach is fresh & practical.
  • Survey questions are irrelevant to presentation
  • It was very good.
  • fantastic use of real world economic data to state the current state of the economy
  • Always great webinar.  Thank you!  Perhaps, if Fritz is willing, stay on call after it has officially ended and continue Q&A a bit longer.  Some really great questions get posed and Fritz really shines during this portion. Very informative.  Kindest Regards. 
  • Well I think Fritz is just too ridiculously positive.  I have been through many cycles - it always looks great right before it falls apart.
  • Very good...sometimes went a little to fast in covering charts and data.
  • Fritz is always spot on. I look forward to listening to him every month.
  • Excellent
  • Very good.
  • excellent as always and up to date
  • Good info ready to talk to clients
  • timely
  • Very good discussion of current trends and media coverage and the net consequence from an investor planning and advising standpoint.    Very practical and useful information effective for advisors and their client base.
  • good info
  • statistics and detailed information
  • excellent.   as always!
  • Fritz was terrific as always-hard to praise him enough. And a shout-out to Andy for making it happen and doing a great job moderating.
  • Another good one
  • Helpful information about trade war/tariffs
  • excellent
  • excellent
  • Standard Great!
  • As always, Mr. Meyer was well spoken in the material he presented.
  • Wonderful