Financial Economics After Covid; Fritz Meyer's Professional Education Class


Financial Economics After Covid; Fritz Meyer's Professional Education Class
Tue, 13. October 2020, 04:00 PM EST - 05:00 PM EST
Created by:
Andrew Gluck



Income Inequality Data For 2019 Analyzed  
The Census Bureau annually publishes a comprehensive report on income distribution and the poverty rate in the U.S., and Fritz Meyer's, an independent economist trusted by independent financial advice professionals, examines the newly released data through the end of 2019. The results show the U.S. is making progress in the fight against poverty. 

With this week's update, we inaugurate a new feature in Fritz's weekly update for advisors: a brief alert about new data advisors should be on the lookout for in the week ahead. Fritz will be publishing an economic calendar for advisors regularly in this space. 



Stock Selloff Continues

(Monday, September 21, 2020) Stocks sold off again today, extending the losing streak, following last week's weaker-than-expected retail, housing, and LEI releases.

Fritz Meyer's outlook remains the same, and he backs it up with the Fed's newly released central tendency forecast for 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Stocks have declined about 8% from the previous record high. As always, in the event of a 10% correction, Fritz wiill lead a special session. We'll keep you updated on that, if the extra class is needed.

A4A adds extra sessions whenever something frightening happens. Brexit, terrorism, and tax law changes triggered extra credit classes in recent years in A4A's professional education curriculum for priivate wealth advisors as well as 10% drops in the S&P 500. 

A4A members are CFA, CFP, ChFC, CIMA, CPA, CPA/PFS who manage diversified core portfolios using low-expense investments and add value with specialized private investments and strategic advice on minimizing income and estate taxes.                  


RIAs Must Keep Wealth Management Priorities In Perspective

Perhaps the most important job of an advisor is as a financial "choice decider." You set the agenda for clients, prioritizing what they could and should do to build their wealth.

As the financial choice decider, it’s important to tell clients that the best choice they could make right now is to pay attention to tax planning, amid the stock market’s attention-grabbing gyrations. 

The video on the right puts financial professionals in the role of choice decider in the current financial economic and tax situation. 



Questions from investment professionals answered
Questions from financial professoinals who attended a September financial economic update by Fritz Meyer are answered in this 21-minute update for advisors to high income earners and private wealth.  

Advisors4Advisors educates many of the smartest financial professionals in the U.S. about the impact of the pandemic on affluent and UHNWI Ameircans. This update from Fritz Meyer illustrates why thought leaders advising private wealth in the U.S. are members of Advisors4Advisors.   

Financial Economics After Covid
This class for CFA®, CIMA®, CPA and CFP® professionals reviews current conditions from the perspective of Fritz Meyer, an independent financial economist, and it covers:   
- No irrational exuberance
- Tesla at 130X 2021 expected earnings 
- Hard to have a bubble without irrational exuberance
- If not for CARES, a depression 
- Fiscal policy nailed it! 
- DPI per capita exploded in Mar and April
- Government transfer payments exploded 
- PCED after Powell’s inflation policy announcement
- Phillips Curve is dead
- 0% interest rates for as far as the eye can see
- Fed inflation capitulation