Dr. Ed Yardeni On Predicting The Markets


Dr. Ed Yardeni On Predicting The Markets
Dr. Ed Yardeni On Predicting The Markets
Wed, 14. March 2018, 02:00 PM EST - 03:00 PM EST
Financial Advisor Webinar Series
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Ben Resnik


In the 40 years since economist Ed Yardeni began publishing his view of the world, he's influenced how we all think and talk about investing. For instance:

Dr. Yardeni coined the phrase "hat-size bond yields" in the early 1980s, the mantra of the markets, forever marking the era in economic history.
In 1991, the beginning of a 10-year bull market, Dr. Yardeni declared the collapse of Communism was bullish because it "eliminated the greatest trade barrier in history."
In aggregating data from public filings before Y2K, Dr. Yardeni helped the world avert a global computer disaster.
In 2009, Dr. Yardeni convinced his local congressional representative to suspend marking-to-market rules for bonds, leading to a key change to corporate accounting rules that helped the U.S. recover from The Great Recession.

Not just an economist, Dr. Yardeni in the last decade became a successful entrepreneur. He maintains a massive database supported by a team of economists, data scientists, and coders enabling him to track and publish his world view independently -- free of any corporate influence or institutional bias. Ed Yardeni embodies what an independent investment advisor is capable of doing.

Dr. Yardeni has shared his knowledge with A4A members through Fritz Meyer and Andrew Gluck for over a decade, and we are pleased to invite you to this webinar on the occasion of the release of his new book, Predicting the Markets. The book should be required reading in classes for CFPs, CPAs/PFS. CIMAs, CFAs, and other financial professionals, so that they may better understand how to invest other people's money prudently and be inspired to strive for the same level of rigor in their research. The book lays out prudent ways to make decisions about investing based on economic fundamentals, data collected, digested, and interpreted by one of the great economists of our time -- told in autobiographical form in a spirit of sharing generously to make the world better. It goes on sale this week on Amazon, and you'll also find his outlook featured in Barron's this weekend.

At this webinar, Dr. Ed will cover:

Will President Trump upend globalization with protectionism?
Can inflation remain subdued despite stimulus from tax cuts and increased government spending?
Will the Fed remain on course for gradual normalization of monetary policy?
How high are the federal funds rate and bond yields likely to go in 2018 and 2019?
How much will the Trump tax cuts and deregulation boost S&P 500 earnings, and is that already discounted in the stock market?
How should a global stock portfolio be invested?
How can advisors apply the research approach explained in his book?

Dr. Ed Yardeni is the President of Yardeni Research, Inc., a provider of global investment strategy and asset allocation analyses and recommendations. He previously served as Chief Investment Strategist of Oak Associates, Prudential Equity Group, and Deutsche Bank's US equities division in New York City. He was also the Chief Economist of CJ Lawrence, Prudential-Bache Securities, and EF Hutton.

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This webinar is eligible for CFP CE, CIMA, CPWA, PACE credit toward the CLU® and ChFC® designations and live CPA CPE credit.

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