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Putting performance in perspective is a challenge to advisors who send quarterly portfolio reports to clients, especially after a period like 4Q2018. 

Every quarter, Fritz Meyer and Andy Gluck collaborate on a 25-slide presentation and script explaining what happened. You can add your logo and branding, of course, to the PowerPoint presentation, and you can also edit any of the charts,images and text. You can pick just a few slides to include with paper reports you print and mail.But you also can record yourself reading the script and post the recording as a Podcast, giving away the slides as a PDF. Or record your screen and audio tour of the post it as a YouTube. It's pretty easy to do. 

Whether you want to post the Quarterly Market Summary as video, article, tweet, or use it in a live presentation with a client or a large group, you need updated content continually that you can re-purpose easily at your fingertips, and you need to be able to use it the way you want in that moment. Most important, the content must be great -- financial journalism, not financial marketing.  That's what we're doing.

This script takes 15 or 20 minutes for an advisor to narrate, and it can go much longer if add your own views and information about your investment approach. The slides are here in a 1-minute video for marketing purposes only and you probably would not want to post it as a music video, although it is kind of fun to see -- even if you can see all the text that goes wqith every slide.

If you you need content to succinctly explain the previous quarter's performance, QMS is just $200/quarter











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