iPad Offers A Great Way For Private Wealth Advisors To Make Marketing Videos And Save About $3,000 By Eliminating Need For Touch Screen Monitor Hot

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Such a video is far more interesting to watch than a slide show because it shows your face and body language. This Web marketing idea is powerful for strong communicators, especially photogenic ones.
If you put yourself out there in Web videos with sensible financial planning and investment ideas, you’ll get an audience from search engines.
Touch screen TVs aren’t cheap, however. The one I was eyeing costs about $5000. Touch screen overlays seemed like the better way to go. With an overlay, you can do all the same things as a touch screen. Touch screen overlays have an advantage, however: big touch screen TVs are commercial grade. They're built to take a licking. But they don’t match the technical specifications you  get on a much less expensive consumer TV model. But if you won’t be shipping the TV frequently or rolling it around your building, you could get a less durable consumer model with much higher contrast ratio, better color, and even 3-D.
I've waiting for the new generation of OLED TVs to come out this spring and summer to make my move, and then I bought an iPad and figured out a way to eliminate the need for a touch screen or overlay. That’s a way to save $3,000!
The new iPad comes with a new version of Apple TV, which costs $99. This appliance enables you to stream any content on your iPad to an HDTV. Instead of needing a touch screen to control a slide show or Website on big screen, you use your iPad to control what’s displayed on your HDTV. For aging athletes like myself who may not always look very graceful moving items across a big screen, this is good.
Picture yourself all dressed up in a well-lit room getting videoed while delivering a presentation on an income tax strategy for Silicon Valley executives with stock options. Or maybe you’d talk about cash-flow challenges faced by young doctors. Or you could do a 10 minute video targeted local CPAs about the current economic environment. You're using an iPad to control the presentation while you're being videoed. Mostly you're talking into a camera standing in front of a big screen, and every once in a while you're using you're iPad to move the preentation forward. You can do this!
Videos with targeted content indexed by search engines  should improve your chances of getting found by your target clients. Also, if you’re friendly and mean to do good for people, it will show up in your videos. The camera does not lie, and the Web will help you get found.
I’ll be getting my iPad in about a week and will let you know how it works out.
If you’re doing this already, let us know.


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