21 Approaches To Creating Viral Content For Advisors Trying To Improve Their Search Engine Rankings Hot

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For instance, you can write or post a video "manifesto" reinforcing to your target audience that they are doing the right thing, or you can post a "controversy" treatment on the same subject with an eye toward challenging your audience. 


You could look at this list post cynically as suggesting you use cheap tricks to hook readers, viewers, friends and followers. But Kasteler is merely suggesting that you use what in other times has been called a literary device.  


Using these simple devices for your business is not disingenuous. It's just smart because it can help you make your points more clearly.


For advisors, the writing devices suggested by Kasteler can help you convince people of your point. A manifesto preaching the benefits of low-cost index investing is likely to attract searches by those interested in that topic, and so might a story deriding actively managed funds or tactical asset allocation. 


Kasteler's post on SearchEngineLand is worthwhile to advisors trying to understand how they can create content that will boost their search engine rankings and attract the clients they want.


In addition to the 21 ideas, Kasteler makes an important point that advisors must consider in creating a content strategy that will drive search engine results.


"Viral content is quality content," says Kasteler. "It’s passionate, it’s well-written, it’s eloquent, or it’s hilarious." 


Now here's the clincher: "If you want the thousands of shares, you’re going to have to put into the hours to make something with real value for your audience," Kasteler adds.


Point is, advisors looking for shortcuts and magic apps to drive search engine results are, in the end, constrained by their ability to create valuable content. 


Therein lies the rub. You will need to be willing to put time into creating valuable blog posts, tweets, videos, slideshows and other content that your target market wants to see.


If you are not willing to put in that time on a sustained basis, your results probably won't be great.

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