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If you’re having a tough time understanding how to use Twitter effectively, here’s a great shortcut. Look at some examples. Here are 15 advisors who have gotten the Twitter thing down. You can follow them, look at their posts, and learn how to use Twitter to educate your clients. You can bring them into the conversation. You can create a community. A community of prospects who will become client wannabes. And you know how to take it from there.
Here’s the list:
Not sure how to ‘follow’ in the new Twitter format? Simple. Enter the person’s Twitter handle in the Twitter search box. Their page and tweet feed will come up. Click on the person’s name in one of the tweets. A new window will come up with all of their tweeting info plus a button that says ‘follow.’ Click on ‘follow’ and, voilà! You’ll be following them. Take a bit of time to read their tweets. Look at everyone on the lost. It’s a quick way to get a variety of ways advisors are using Twitter for their business. Then, you can take the best of what they’re doing and develop your own amazing Twitter style.

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