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It’s common for coaches to encourage advisors to find clients with whom they share interests. It’s another thing to design a niche-based business. Today’s business model is shifting from one-on-one sales to building communities with similar interests. Advisors who build communities around the activities and interests about which they are passionate not only end up with a more lucrative practice, they experience greater fulfillment in their work.
Niches can include almost anything—sports enthusiasts, Scouts, art, music, construction business owners, car dealers, almost any kind of collector, fly fishers, movie buffs—and are a natural market for advisors to develop. People who share passions are naturally drawn together. They speak a common language. Writing articles on these topics, creating blogs around them, actually building a brand around a particular niche and creating marketing materials which appeal to these interests are some of the innovative ways you can build a more enjoyable and productive business.
And clients will value you all the more. Investors today clamor for advisors who really care about their interests. Building a niche brand is an easy way to stand out. By creating a brand, you also naturally attract those clients who share your interests. In turn, they feel you have a different level of care because you understand their particular passions and interests. Another win, win all around.

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