The SEC Has So Much On Its Plate That Advisory Regulation, Fiduciary Rules Are Rolling Off Hot

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The just-released timeline for implementing remaining provisions of the Dodd-Frank act breaks down what the SEC plans to tackle into three main segments.


The first batch of tasks focuses on security issuers, derivatives, and the credit agencies. While there's an action point there for "oversight of investment advisors & broker-dealers," it's mostly about hedge funds and other fund advisors.


The only real priority item on that list relevant to personal financial advisors is probably tighter anti-identity-theft guidelines.


After that, there's nothing on the SEC's 2012 schedule for handing over RIA oversight or ironing out the universal fiduciary rules.


They might get around to "proposing rules as may be appropriate on the obligations of brokers, dealers, and investment advisors," but that task hasn't been scheduled.


There are 65 action points on this list, which means the SEC is going to have to keep multiple projects in the air at all times in 2012 or else allocate about four days of concentrated effort to each task.


And if it's not on the list, evidently, it's not a priority. 

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