Knock Out The Competition With Tax-Efficient Investing Automation
by agluck     March 05, 2015      0.0 (0) With tax rates rising and investment advice commoditized by robo-advisors, financial professionals can deal a knockout blow to competitors by systematically delivering investment advice across their entire client base utilizing Web applications to harvest gains and losses, rebalance and optimize positions for location.   Advisors who offer

A Quick Tour Of, An Authority On Incentive Compensation
by agluck     February 02, 2015      0.0 (0) It's tax time and, even if you do not have a single client who is compensated with stock, you better be able to speak with prospects about equity compensation, restricted stock and stock options. If you're a fiduciary managing other people's money, you need to be familiar with this topic. You don't need to be fluent, but you ought to know enou

Is Our Tax System Fair?
by SherylCPA     July 16, 2014      0.0 (0) The media seems to cover income tax issues on an ongoing basis. Many advisors are not CPAs, so explaining concepts to clients can be quite challenging at times.  One of the most controversial topics centers on “regressive” vs. “progressive” tax structures.  So what do these terms mean? Understanding the definiti

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Receive Two Continuing Education Credits For Today’s Webinar, "75 Ways To Generate Tax-Alpha (Part 1)" by Bob Keebler -- Plus Big Discounts On Bob's Tax Aides For Advisors
by agluck     May 29, 2014      0.0 (0) Bob Keebler at 4 p.m. ET today delivered the first installment of a two-part webinar program, entitled, “75 Ways To Generate Tax-Alpha.” Replaying the special 100-minute session will give you twice as much CPE as our usual one-hour sessions, and Part 2 will also be a two-credit session and Part 3. In addition, attendees at today&rsq

Discount Code For A4A Members For My -- A Great Resource With Tax Season Upon Us
by agluck     March 07, 2014      0.0 (0)   To receive a $25 discount on a one-year Premium Membership (offer good until April 1, 2014), enter the promotional code TAXBACK2014 in the registration/upgrade form, or click here to sign into your existing membership and then upgrade.’s Tax Center teaches the withholding, reporting, and filing rules f

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