3.8% Medicare Surtax Will Add Selling Pressure In The Stock Market And Make Life Insurance And Annuities More Popular, Says Keebler Hot

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The 3.8% surtax is likely to add selling pressure in the stock market in the near-term and make life insurance and annuities more popular for the long-term. Those were just two of the emerging trends that will be reshaping the wealth management landscape for high-net-worth individuals in the months ahead, according to comments at a webinar last Friday by tax expert Robert Keebler.


Attendance was strong at the webinar, indicating that advisors know that the new surtax part of the health care law that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld on June 29 is going to play an important role in wealth management in the months ahead. However, Keebler’s assessment included some surprising twists, including a prediction that life permanent life insurance and annuities will return to popularity to shield income. 


Keebler also said that avoiding paying the surtax on investment income could cause investors to sell assets with big gains. With the stock market rising 100% since its low during the global financial crisis, that could add selling pressure in the stock market.


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Keebler received an amazing  4.67 score from attendees (on a five-point scale) and their comments are below.





  • Good information
  • Very helpful. Great topic. One of the best ones I've seen lately
  • Very helpful and timely, great examples
  • Should provide slides
  • Helpful but a lot of information; would like to have the slides.
  • Very well done. Made a confusing topic much more understandable.
  • Numerous sound problems!
  • Outstanding!
  • Great content
  • Good detailed information
  • Excellent
  • Interesting insight on a new planning subject.
  • Always excellent
  • Very valuable...wish there had been more time!
  • Dry topic, good presentation though.
  • Good information on a very timely topic.
  • As usual, Bob Keebler has added a better (detailed) understanding of a very complex tax topic that will (unfortunately) be a part of most of our clients' future financial reality. His ideas on how to help mitigate this surtax has already got me thinking in new directions to now approach with my clients. VERY GOOD STUFF!
  • I really enjoyed it, thought it was very informative
  • Excellent discussion of the mechanics of the tax and strategies for dealing with it.
  • A little hard to follow.
  • Great topic, info.
  • Overall very good
  • Good stuff
  • I need to watch it in your archive about three more times to understand it.
  • It was very well done, congratulations on collaborating with Bob, A REAL PROFESSIONAL.
  • Fabulous job once again Bob! Thank you to you and Andy.
  • I would have liked it to be longer for more Q and A.
  • Very good. Thanks for the timely subject
  • Great to see the examples.  They clarify the confusing part of the requirements.
  • Good, nice use of examples, got kind of rushed at the end.
  • Pretty good.
  • Good info on a new delightful subject!
  • Excellent and very timely.
  • Actionable content
  • Excellent!
  • GREAT information and sale ideas
  • Great information that is critical to be aware of.
  • Excellent!
  • Tough topic - presented very well
  • Chock full of information.
  • Good info, but went way too fast.  Too many details glossed over
  • Very timely and informative
  • Robert is fantastic!
  • Excellent examples
  • Good information, but should provide slides. Felt like an exam review much of the time, but concept was solid
  • Very helpful in understanding the surtaxes.  Do you know of anyone that has created a calculator to assess if the surtax is applicable and subsequently the extra tax that will have to be paid due to the surtax?
  • Informative
  • Information overload.  Perhaps you break this one into two segments
  • Great
  • Great information, a little too fast in the pace.
  • Thanks Andy!
  • Very good and timely
  • It was very informative and helpful
  • Outstanding; very helpful
  • I thought it was excellent
  • Good stuff




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