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Presenting on 2015 year-end tax planning techniques to investment advisors, Bob Keebler deftly straddles a fine line for financial professionals who are not tax advisors. In this session, Keebler gives the right blend of advanced and basic techniques needed to equip investment advisors with tax knowledge to respond intelligently to clients’ tax planning needs.

Bob covers year-end planning techniques from many angles. He draws on real cases he’s handled for business owners, widows and trust donors to illustrate real-life scenarios, providing practical examples of the idiosyncratic nature of year-end planning techniques. 
About 15% of the reviewers said they want Bob to go slower, which tells us he is pushing the line to give as many ideas as possible but for about 85% of you, it's not too much. That’s a great pace to keep you paying attention! Most year-end tax planning goes over basics way too much than should be necessary for a professoinal audience. That's a bore.
Throughout the session, Keebler frames out the role of an investment advisor at this time of the year. Year-end planning presents an opportunity for investment advisors to work with new contacts from the past year in the tax and legal profession locally.
Keebler is famous in CPA circles for his brilliant way of simplifying complex tax rules, and he is a featured speaker at the American Institute of CPA's continuing professional education programs. A4A provides Keebler's analysis and explanations to investment advisors and financial planners -- including CPA financial planners -- at a fraction of the cost practitioners pay anywhere else.
Bob received a 4.6 rating from attendees. Comments:
  • Good content
  • Always deep, helpful info from Bob. Will continue to look for him on A4A
  • Bob moves a little too fast on some complicated subjects, no doubt because he knows it so well and because he has presented it a thousand times. Maybe a few less slides to get over?
  • Very good.
  • Excellent
  • Excellent year-end tax ideals
  • Very good
  • Another excellent presentation
  • Excellent
  • Too much info to cover thoroughly in 50 minutes. Should be broken up into three presentations. Question were poorly worded -- especially #2
  • So confusion on the exact deduction amount 80/20 vs 20/80
  • Good
  • Content pass through a little too fast. 089294
  • Timely topic. I will be starting Year-End Tax Planning with clients next week.
  • Very knowledgeable
  • So much complex info!
  • He presented too quickly. There were some complicated concepts and I needed more time to digest.
  • I always look forward to Bob's webinars. I just wish there were a pause button so that my brain and note-taking can keep up with his brilliance!
  • Bob always gives great information in a fire hose way. Will someday attend one of his courses.
  • Relevant and timely
  • He IS a genius who expresses things in a very succinct, understandable way...awesome!
  • Slides were fantastic. Maybe Bob's best combination of slides so far.
  • Bob is very knowledgeable.
  • Very technical; slides very helpful for future use to review again
  • He can through again. I always learn something new and also relearn some very important things. It helps me when I talk to clients about savings on taxes.
  • Bob, thank you for the subtle--and also not-so-subtle--practice management tips each month as pertains to tax advice, tax planning and the advisor's role vis a vis the client's other professionals. I have to say that when I contact a client's CPA to discuss tax planning or strategy they are often taken aback by my interest, enthusiasm, and the like. I suspect it is because, as Bob says, so few advisers bother to try and set themselves apart as tax-focused professionals. And as Bob says, doing so pays off.
  • A little confusion with some of the concepts.
  • It was good. I think that advisors need a little more sales ideas though. In other words, it's good to know about ways to lower taxes, but how do advisors then turn that into a revenue-making action plan? I know that would take more time than the hr we had, but something to think about for the future. It's good helping clients save on their taxes, but it's also good to increase the advisor's revenues. Thank you for the presentation.
  • Great tips! I particularly liked the mention of how FAs need to be proactive in dealing with taxes. I have had some trouble with accountants not planning for clients.
  • Very knowledgeable and speaks at right level of understanding



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