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With tax rates rising and investment advice commoditized by robo-advisors, financial professionals can deal a knockout blow to competitors by systematically delivering investment advice across their entire client base utilizing Web applications to harvest gains and losses, rebalance and optimize positions for location.

Advisors who offer this kind of high-tech, high-touch tax-wise investment advice will dodge roboadvisors and less ambitious advisors. It’s a natural strength for A4A’s audience of CFP, CPA, CIMA, CFA, EA, CLU, CHFC professionals.
That’s why I asked Sheryl Rowling to speak at a webinar about automation techniques RIAs can implement to drive high-after tax returns across their entire client database. I don’t know anyone better qualified to address this topic.
Rowling, a CPA financial planner, owns an RIA managing $300 million at Rowling Associates. She started a software company about a decade ago, and make TRX, for rebalancing client portfolios managed in Schwab PortfolioCenter.  TRX coded integrations for several other portfolio management systems, winning my praise for running an open architecture platform truly in the best interest of financial professionals. As if that were not enough, Rowling bought PowerAdvisor, a struggling portfolio management software application used by 100 or so RIAs about a year ago and that is now part of the toolset she is building for advisors. A mother of two grown men and a wife, Rowling is one of a handful of women to succeed in the financial advice and technology business.
Rowling’s full webinar, entitled, How To Run An RIA Utilizing Tax-Efficient Investment Techniques received a 4.3-rating out of 5.
The comments reviews from Rowling’s recent webinar are below. However, we ran out of time for her to answer all of the questions from attendees. So below is a recording in which Rowling answers the unanswered questions:
·       What role should Roth conversions play in a tax-efficient practice?
·       At what marginal rate do you consider munis instead of taxable bonds in a taxable account?   
·       Have you ever avoided harvesting a loss because you didn’t have a suitable alternative?
·       Does your location optimization change based on where a client is taking a distribution? 


Comments from A4A members attending the session:

  • Very informative and worthwhile
  • The webinar was very insightful.
  • Good refresher
  • Good presentation
  • Great content.
  • Excellent!!
  • Excellent
  • Good clear run through of the basics.
  • Very effective to overall portfolio designs
  • Some information was a bit basic but the later information was helpful. 
  • Very good
  • A little slow paced, but good information
  • Not long enough.
  • I also may have missed last question - I was just hitting - Yes as it was for high appreciated investment returns - are they optimized in a Roth or something like that - I am a CPA and need CE.
  • Enjoyed it very much.
  • Important information regarding positioning of assets for tax efficiency
  • The slides may have been a bit too simple
  • Great!
  • This was one of the best webinars that's been presented by A4A. Sheryl was clear and succinct throughout the presentation. She provided plenty of reasons for utilizing automated rebalancing and also encouraged less-technologically-oriented advisors to, at a minimum, utilize manual processes to choose proper asset location and avoid wash sale rules. I was particularly impressed with her committed stand on NOT reinvesting dividends. What would Bogle say? That is a very interesting, albeit contrarian, view.
  • Excellent


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