Receive Two Continuing Education Credits For Today’s Webinar, "75 Ways To Generate Tax-Alpha (Part 1)" by Bob Keebler -- Plus Big Discounts On Bob's Tax Aides For Advisors

Bob Keebler at 4 p.m. ET today delivered the first installment of a two-part webinar program, entitled, “75 Ways To Generate Tax-Alpha.” Replaying the special 100-minute session will give you twice as much CPE as our usual one-hour sessions, and Part 2 will also be a two-credit session and Part 3. In addition, attendees at today’s webinar will receive big discounts on the following tax tools for professionals from Keebler Tax & Wealth Education:

  • The Advisor's Guide to The Top 30 Tax Planning Ideas for 2014 is 148-page guide for professionals about: bracket management, income smoothing, income shifting, reducing taxable Income, net investment income tax strategies and wealth transfer strategies. With more than 60 examples about using utilize these strategies with your clients, this is a handy reference guide for any financial advisor. While the guide costs $99 normally, A4A members attending today’s will receive a discount code for a 30% discount ($69).
  • Bob Keebler’s Roth Conversion Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet for calculating whether a client should convert. Its graphical reports allow advisors to quickly absorb results and change assumptions. Moreover, unlike other calculators, it’s not a “black box.” You’ll able to look “under-the-hood” and determine how the calculations are made. Comes with a 34-page guide to conversions, a sample client marketing letter, and a sample client memo to help you better explain Roth Conversions to clients. While the guide regularly sells for $49, A4A members attending today’s will receive a discount code 50% discount ($24.50).


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