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Robert Keebler, Keebler, a CPA from Green Bay, Wisconsin, explains tax-efficient investment strategies, perhaps better than anyone. At a recent webinar, Keebler plainly explains strategies and techniques that investment advisors must know to advise clients on retirement income planning. Keebler earned a 4.8 star-rating from attendees, one of his highest ratings since he began providing professional education for financial advisors on Advisors4Advisors over four years ago.

Retirement income planning is the most important and complex problem that advisors face in running a profitable professoinal practice while delivering advice grounded in wisdom people will trust. With all of the persnickety curmudgeons in advisor-land, Keebler still manages to get a 4.8-star rating, providing an assurance of satisfaction of Amazon proportion.

At the intersection of retirement income planning and tax planning marks a spot where advisors add value to clients that few advisors can match. A factual presentation explaining the benefits of long term tax planning in retirement income planning is a compeitive advantage. Most advisors can't do it, and Robo-advisors can’t touch this.
Advisors who understand taxes and retirement income planning add to returns for clients. Keebler calls it tax alpha. I call it a free lunch. (Actually, I have to credit advisor Steve Berman with saying it.)
Advisors who master retirement income tax planning have a real advantage over other advisors. It translates into additional return you provide clients year after year. (See Advisor Products.)   
Covering a many different tax-efficient investment techniques, Keebler kept a fast-pace while simplifying complicated concepts. The seven minutes of Q&A are loaded with excellent questions from practitioners. 
Keebler's sessions on A4A have focused on issues that Bob and I agreed to cover at the start of the year, a curriculum. Your ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated. Just comment on this post.
Below are comments from advisors who attended the live session.
Keebler’s tentative webinar schedule on A4A for the second half of 2015 is subject to change and located here.  Please share your thoughts.
  • Always the best! 
  • Could have used more time . A little rushed 
  • Keebler was good 
  • It was pretty good - I'd rather see something that covers less but in more detail 
  • Excellent topic. Loaded with info. 
  • Wish we could have gone more through the retirement income slides.  The other slides and presentation were same as we have seen in other presentations 
  • Good overall tax review for investment advisors 
  • Timely and useful info.  
  • Awesome info 
  • Good. 
  • Terrific! 
  • Needed more time to look at the slides 
  • Hard to cover this detailed topic in a short period of time.  Would like to have slides available. 
  • Another great and extremely valuable presentation by Robert Keebler. 
  • He always talks to fast, but this time I could pretty well follow him. And I can listen again to the webinar.  
  • Great webinar! 
  • It was good.  It would be nice if he could make a bit more lively 
  • Keebler was great, as usual. 
  • Excellent 
  • Excellent content but not quite as well organized as most of Bob's presentations. 
  • Excellent  
  • Bob Keebler is always excellent.  Today's presentation was actually much less rushed in terms of the amount of information presented within the allotted time.  Made the webinar much more enjoyable.  Please leave questions up for a little longer time duration.  Thanks. 
  • Leave CPA questions up longer 
  • Bob, wonderful presentation and great practical applications. In today's session, I particularly enjoyed (and benefited from) the real-life example of the Proctor & Gamble executive with company stock. I think slowing things down and doing the quasi-role playing of adviser and client is useful and illustrative and this was no exception. Bob has a knack for putting things in perspective and applying conceptually complex principles in a very simple and understandable manner. Thank you.  
  • Tried to cover too much - not enough time skipped some relevant points and rushed through some others 
  • This was my first webinar on A4A and it took me about 10 minutes to get access to the webinar. I could not get it to open on my screen on my PC. Therefore, I called in and listened while I was trying. Hopefully next time it will work better as I like this format and the speaker was excellent (I have seen Bob several times live). Therefore, the poll box for Q2 was disappearing just as I was clicking my response so am not sure that it registered. I never saw q1, as I was looking at the blank gotowebinar screen.  
  • Very good 
  • Great, helped me solidify using the great tax ideas that Bob teaches on.  
  • A lot of valuable topics, but not enough time for the subject.  Would like to see this as a 1.5 hour webinar.  But overall a good presentation. 


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