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Being able to model different Social Security start-dates for two spouses, for example, is easy. Plus you can add bond ladders to portfolios and make what-ifs based with start dates for annuitizing an income stream in forecasts.



Look at the variation in comments from attendees and the valuable feedback. Manish received an overall rating of 4.2 out of five, and the following comments: 

  • Very informative and will help my business
  • Good, hard to digest with so much info, but very helpful
  • Definitely worth my time.  We use a different social security software so it was good to see the differences in what this offers.
  • Good.  Stuff .  Retirement income generation is a area that cannot be talked about too much.  I'm always willing to listen to new ideas.
  • The topic was very relevant but I found it a little difficult to keep up with the pace of information.
  • Not too helpful for my practice
  • Great software and really gets at the income needs of retirees in a practical way!
  • Powerful tool, but out of the reach of many small advisors
  • Very good. Great product
  • This was more of a sales pitch than I was prepared for.
  • Very good.
  • Good. Actually MGP does some of this. But not quite as well.
  • I thought it was valuable to me as an advisor focusing on retirement income planning strategies.
  • Fairly complex issues that apparently can now be more analyzed more rationally for our clients  to produce better client recommendations. Interesting + useful.
  • The software fills a gap that is really needed in this time when many people are retiring and don't have pensions.
  • Nice piece of software, but not sure if it gives you the ability to drill down in reports to see how results were arrived at.
  • Well worth the time spend to watch this presentation.
  • This was an excellent webinar. It was well-organized and very informative in terms of showing advisors the tools available to make and understand social security election decisions on behalf of clients. I received a call from a client earlier in the day, higher-net worth type, and he posed this exact question to me, as he had just turned 66 last month. This webinar allowed me to begin outlining a method of addressing my client's question directly, and gave me some superlative talking points to utilize now.


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