Retirement Age Is Less Standard Today And The Decision Involves A Plethora Of Factors Hot

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Today’s retirees face many more variables than the retirees of yesteryear. They may have planned to retire at a certain age but those plans may have been waylaid by the recession.
They likely will have a much longer and more active retirement than their parents or grandparents did. Longevity means that more generations of a family are alive at one time than ever before. There are healthcare concerns, concerns about running out of money, and concerns about residential situations as health declines.
There are also retirees who start new careers or create new businesses out of hobbies they enjoy. Or they may travel extensively or even go back to school.
Then there’s the psychological aspect. What effect does retirement have on a person’s outlook? With retirement years of a couple of decades lying before them, the impact can be significant. It can affect retirees’ physical as well as mental health—and the health of those who care for them.
The decision of when to retire hinges basically on financial ability to retire. So traditional calculations of how much money it will take must still take precedence. In calculating this amount, however, the desired lifestyle and other goals of the retiree should be kept in mind.
The possibility of downsizing, disability, or poor health also must be factored into the decision. It’s also a three-way conversation between the retiree, the advisor, and the retiree’s spouse. Viewing and planning retirement incorporating both spouses’ situations can help create a more effective retirement plan and also help take advantage of government programs such as Social Security.
Taking into consideration caregiver needs, especially if those caregivers are other family members, also can make a difference in planning. Retirement planning may be more complex today than it used to be but it’s a perfect opportunity to solidify relationships with your clients and with other family members, especially next generations.

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