Niche Opportunity: Small Business Owners Who Are Disappointed With The Market Value Of Their Businesses Hot

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Like homeowners who bought at the height of the housing frenzy, many small business owners are facing disappointment that they still cannot get a good price for their businesses years after they originally had planned to retire. Relying on price bounce back, however, does not guarantee asset value.
Business owners who carefully built and maintained value in their businesses regardless of price levels will fare better when prices bounce back than those who were riding on inflated values with crossed fingers that such outsized prices will return. It’s now imperative to get their operations flowing smoothly and efficiently if they have any real hopes of getting a good offer.
This includes cutting costs as well as streamlining operations. As an advisor to small business owners, you can offer invaluable advice for those clients who may have great talent for bringing in business but who don’t seem able to add value to their bottom line.
There’s still time since the economy is taking the slow road to recovery. Another excellent reason to do an overall financial and investment review, developing a strategic business value recovery plan could become a very nice niche to focus on.

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