Does Writing Down A Retirement Plan Give Advisors The Keys To Success? Fidelity Says Yes Hot

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The latest Fidelity survey of pre-retirees and their advisors found that 81% of the clients say it's important to have a detailed retirement plan, but at best only around 9% of them actually have one.


And apparently investors with retirement plans to read and re-read are happier with their advisors and their ultimate outcomes.


Fidelity says a full 63% of those with formal plans are "very satisfied."


Cause and effect on this part are a little nebulous: are these clients happy with the paperwork, or are they in a full-service relationship that makes them happy . . . and happens to include an extra document?


Either way, what we know is that from a client's perspective, the document is the key. It's a tangible demonstration of value, and it gives them something to ponder while they're not in your office.


Fidelity calls this an "unprecedented" opportunity to start printing some plans and secure client loyalty.



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