Targeting Rollover Accounts Is Now A $347 Billion Opportunity


About 1/3 of all the advisors out there are using targeted efforts to capture rollover accounts and bring in an extra $5 million a year in AUM, research firm Cogent says.


These advisors get a lot more big accounts, bringing in $355,000 per rollover client on average.


And since these advisors currently have about $128 million in AUM apiece, just grabbing one or two of these accounts can start moving the needle on their practice fairly quickly.


But with an estimated $347 billion in play every year, how can advisors go after these assets?


Cogent suggests making 401(k) rollover a bullet point in the client prospecting process. It provides an added bit of value for you to talk about, and reminds would-be clients who might have stranded retirement assets that this could be time to roll over.



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