Fritz Meyer And Bob Keebler Post-Election Guidance To Advisors Hot

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Fritz Meyer and Bob Keebler delivered a post-election analysis at a hastily-scheduled webinar on Advisors4Advisors the day after the election of Donald J. Trump as the next U.S. President.

Keebler, a CPA who has educated legal and accounting professionals for three decades, opens this timely webinar by speaking about the expected direction of the new administration’s tax policy, offering about a 10-minute slide presentation reviewing Trump’s public pronouncements on tax law changes and the arc of progression advisors should expect. Keebler talked specifics about changes likely to come in the tax code and the tax planning opportunities advisors must be on the lookout for in the months ahead.

Independent economist Fritz Meyer spoke for 20 minutes, stepping through a series of slides about economic fundamentals and directly addressing the election-night plunge in stock market futures and comeback that occurred in the U.S. stock market on Wednesday.   

The hastily-scheduled session was a throwback to October 2008, during the near-collapse of the world financial system, when I started producing webinars weekly. In 2009, Advisors4Advisors was founded to allow the thought leaders that have defined best practices for financial planning and investment professionals to collaborate with advisors and offer continuing professional education 24/7 for just $60 a year. Who knew we were redefining how financial professionals receive continuing professional education? 

Since 2009, Fritz Meyer and Bob Keebler, along with Dr. Craig Israelsen, an expert in low-cost investing, have conducted webinars on A4A, trusting me with their intellectual property. We’re totally independent of any custodian, BD, membership organization, and are driven by transparency and a spirit of collaboration.

Fritz and Bob received a 4.8-star rating for this session, which is pretty typical of their regularly scheduled sessions.

If you want the slides to share this session and others with your clients, we transcribe Fritz, Bob, and Craig’s webinars on A4A and deliver them in a dashboard updated monthly for $600 a year. In addition, we offer a financial advisor marketing engine that provides all of Bob, Craig, and Fritz’s presentations plus panic protection when the S&P 500 declines by 10% or more or during periods of extraordinary world events as well as videos, articles, tweets, and scripts with slides that are FINRA reviewed and delivered using a sophisticated ecosystem integrating websites, e-newsletters, social networks, and your with into a a client portal and an unparalleled content marketing system for advisors.  


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