A Practical, Low-Cost Approach To Helping Couples Resolve Conflicts Over Money And For Working With Clients Whose Behavior Does Not Match Their Goals  Hot

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It’s a physical card sort, a different process than a long interview or questionnaire. The approach was developed in connection with the Money and Family Life Project at the Ackerman Institute For The Family.
The cards come with a book entitled, Money and Meaning, by Judith Peck. The book comes with two sets of “Values Card” and the instructions for their use. You can find the cards online for free, but you’ll want to read Peck’s book to learn how to use them in your work with clients.
One deck of cards represents content values and the other deck represents process values. Clients sort both sets of cards into an order reflective of their value priorities, facilitating what can otherwise be a difficult conversation.
This methodology was developed by a consortium of financial planners and therapists, not by any one individual or group. I know many wealth managers who have found this methology of great value, but whether you use it would really depend on how comfortable you are tackling these issues with clients.
Please let me know how if you have questions about using the cards or helping clients with these issues.

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